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10 Types of Textile Machinery Commonly Used In Textile Mills

Release time:2020-12-14

Textile machinery refers to all kinds of machinery and equipment needed to process natural or chemical fibers into textiles. In a broad sense, textile machinery also includes chemical machinery that produces chemical fibers. It is the production method and material basis of the textile industry. Its technical level, quality and manufacturing cost are directly related to the development of the textile industry.

10 Types of Textile Machinery

This article introduces 10 types of textile machinery commonly used in textile mills

Warping Machine

A warping machine is a kind of equipment that is used to roll discs of yarn onto large rollers.

Sizing Machine

A sizing machine is used to sizing the whole yarn to prevent the yarn from being worn during weaving.

 textile machinery

Re-beaming Machine

The re beaming machine is used to combine yarns from several creels into one package to achieve the required number of warp yarns.

Multiple Twisting Machine

Multiple twisting machines is a machine for twisting yarn. If the twisting is clockwise, it is called "s" twisting; if twisting is counter-clockwise, it is called "Z" twisting.

Rapier Loom

The rapier loom is a kind of loom that uses a reciprocating rapier fork to draw weft into the shed. Rapier looms have the advantage of low output and can be used to weave fabrics with ultra wide width, multicolor or coarse weft yarns.

Water Jet Loom

Water jet loom is a shuttleless loom that draws weft through the shed by spraying a water column. It has high speed and high output.

Air Jet Loom

Air-jet loom is a shuttleless loom that draws weft through the shed by jet airflow. Its speed is higher than that of a water jet loom, its evenness is better, but its weaving cost is also high.

Warp Knitting Machine

Warp knitting machine is a knitting machine used to weave warp knitted fabrics.

Weft Knitting Machine(Circular Type)

Weft knitting machine (circular type) a circular machine used for weaving weft knitted fabrics.

Weft Knitting Machine(Flat Type)

Weft knitting machine (flat type) is a long knitting machine used for weaving weft knitted fabrics.