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6 Type of Dress Fabric Suitable For Making A Nice Dress

Release time:2021-02-01

What fabric is suitable for making dress? Here I would like to introduce 6 types of dress fabric, namely chiffon, silk, silk cotton, pure cotton, cotton hemp and organza.

Dress Fabric: Chiffon  

The main feature of chiffon is light and elegant. This kind of fabric has very good drapability and is very suitable for making dresses. Most chiffon fabrics are made of polyester, and some of them are made of silk. Chiffon fabric has a soft and smooth touch, fabric has good moisture absorption and permeability, can be worn close to the body. In the production process, the fabric can also be printed, jacquard and other processes. Of course, the price of silk chiffon will be much higher than that of chemical fiber chiffon.

dress fabric

Dress Fabric: Silk  

Silk is also a general term, which can be roughly divided into chemical fiber silk and natural silk. No matter what kind of silk, it will have a good drapability. Silk has a silky and soft feel, and the cloth surface also has a good luster. The dress made of silk has a luxurious appearance and is suitable for banquet and other high-level places.  

As the name suggests, natural silk dress is a dress made of silk fabric. The silk dress is soft and smooth in texture, soft and light in hand, colorful in design and color, and cool and comfortable to wear. It is a favorite skirt for women in summer.

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Dress Fabric: Silk Floss  

Silk floss is a kind of floc and quilt material made of silk, which is processed from the surface of cocoon. The ancients filled the clothes with silk wool as a warm clothing, or made silk quilt.

Dress Fabric: Pure Cotton  

Pure cotton cloth is also very suitable for making dresses. I think it's not only cheap, but also not as easy to fold as rayon. Clothes made of pure cotton are more effective than artificial cotton.

dress fabric

Dress Fabric: Cotton And Hemp  

Cotton and hemp are textiles made of cotton and hemp. Compared with other fabrics, cotton ramie blended fabric is cheap. Cotton linen blended fabric has the advantages of cotton and linen. Cotton and hemp blended fabric has the advantages of environmental protection, air permeability, comfort, good draping and comfortable wearing.     

Dress Fabric: Organza  

organza is a kind of yarn, which is generally made of polyester. Good quality Organza will be made of silk, but the price will be much higher. Organza has a very good drapability, but the fabric is hard to handle. Generally, a layer of cloth will be embedded in the inner layer of this kind of dress.