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Brief introduction of underwear

Release time:2018-07-20

Sports underwear is a kind of underwear that is mainly used for sports, and it can show the wearer's spirit and vitality. However, sports underwear is best worn only during exercise and not worn in other non-sports situations.

Seamless sports bra  is an underwear that can be worn in public, and it can show the wearer's spirit and vitality. However, it is best to wear only during exercise and not in other non-sports. On the one hand, sports underwear needs to be changed frequently to avoid washing for a long time to damage the quality, and wash it as much as possible when not exercising; on the other hand, sports underwear design emphasizes the movement function, there is no design in the breast shape, and Does not show the beauty of the female chest. Therefore, whether wearing sports underwear as a summer outfit or wearing it as a bra underwear, it is not conducive to body shape, which is not conducive to the exterior. Sports underwear is "anti-shock" than ordinary underwear.
Underwear and sports underwear still have some differences. The design of the bottom shoulder strap is different. The general sports underwear can not be said to be perfect and does not shift. There is also the choice to choose a number that suits you. All are cups, support is good. But once it is too big or too small, it is easier to shift. Like the vigorous exercise of dancing, more or less will be a bit of displacement, just pay attention to it.