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Different body types, different choices of underwear

Release time:2018-09-21

Female animal with prominent stomach. The protrusion of the stomach refers to the shape of the abdomen from the lower chest to the waist. This figure is best for a mid-rise or low-rise one-piece bra. In addition to acting on the chest, this bra also has a unique effect on the upper abdomen and the muscles on both sides of the waist that are soft and have a fleshy body. The one-piece bra is on the upper abdomen and the bones support the longitudinal cracks of the pieces, tightening the muscles of the stomach and showing smooth and smooth lines. Women with prominent stomachs can also wear a one-piece corset to correct their body shape.
A woman with a prominent abdomen. There are two kinds of women with prominent abdomen: First, Hugh is full and the abdomen is prominent. Women of this size should wear a one-piece corset to adjust and correct the shape as a whole. You can try wearing a heavy corset to effectively abdomen and lift your hips to improve your body's appearance. Second, due to the moderate body after birth, the abdomen did not fully restore flatness, muscle relaxation, and prominent abdomen. If only the abdomen is prominent, you can use the pair of trousers to adjust the body shape, and use the medium or heavy-duty pants to partially tighten the lower abdomen to make it flat and smooth, reshaping the confidence and style of women.
Straight waist women. There are two kinds of women with straight waist: one is that the chest bone is wide and the marrow is narrow, the bone determines the straight waist; the other is that the waist and the abdomen accumulate too much fat, which leads to the disappearance of the waist curve. Orthopedic underwear is more effective for the second group of people, such as high waist pants, heavy corsets, low waist ones and so on. The girdle also has a certain effect on the body shape of the straight waist. The high-waisted trousers mainly use the high-waisted part of the trousers to tighten the waist; the heavy-sleeved smock can be selected to be slanted or multi-layered on both sides of the waist to strengthen the tightness of the waist and belly; low The waist-connected bra refers to the length of the one-piece bra between the waist and the buttocks, which can effectively tighten the muscles of the waist and show the waist shape of the bumps; the most effective waist is the waist-waist woman who has accumulated too much fat on the waist and abdomen. seal. The waist seal is aimed at the unclear shape of the waist curve, and the weight is tightened from the overall curve of the chest-waist-waist-middle waist position. Long-term wear will change and correct the body shape.

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