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Different hips are important for the choice of underwear

Release time:2018-09-30

Female with sagging hips. Most of the hip sagging is caused by the gradual relaxation of the muscles as the age increases. Some people are the reason for their size, the hips are wide and the hips are drooping, forming a "triangle" hip. Women with sagging hips are of course the best choice for adjusting their body shape. There are many types of trousers, and it is most effective for the long and legged trousers and the back piece which are "U" shaped for the hips. Usually, the sagging of the buttocks will drive the sagging muscles of the thighs, while the long-legged and leg-legged trousers will have a certain tight force on the legs after fully wrapping and raising the hips. The U-shaped harness pants are designed for the sagging hips. They use the tightness of the double-layer fabric on the hip and hip under the back of the pants to gather and raise the buttocks and change the appearance of the sagging hips.
A woman with a flat hip. The flat person or the buttocks are thin, the buttocks are flat, and there is no three-dimensional feeling; or the waist is full and thick, but the buttocks are slightly flat and have no curve. People with flat buttocks and thin body can only wear padded trousers, using the pad to make the buttocks out of the curvature; those with full waist and flat hips should wear high waist trousers or heavy duty The corset is used to tighten the waist. At the same time, the "W"-shaped double-layer design of the back piece of the trousers is used to lift the hip from the lower side of the back piece of the buttocks to shape the high-waist and three-dimensional hip shape.
Women with thick hips and legs. Women with large buttocks will have thicker thighs. They are suitable for long-sleeved trousers or long-sleeved corsets. The long-sleeved trousers not only wrap the thighs, tighten them, improve them, but also use the multi-layer elastic fabric overlapping on the buttocks to effectively tighten the hips and show a dynamic posture. It is also the purpose of adjusting the thick shape of the hip thigh with a long-sleeved corset, but it is more comprehensive and comprehensively corrected from the chest, waist and hip parts. If a woman with thick hips and thighs wants to tighten tight hips to tighten the buttocks, it will be counterproductive, because the tight and short pants will push the full muscles of the buttocks down to the thighs and squeeze them up to the waist. It also shows that the legs and waist are thick and can't create a beautiful figure.

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