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Different women have different choices for underwear

Release time:2018-09-14

1. Women with flat chests.
Women with flat, small breasts can choose a padded cup or quilt when choosing underwear, especially a bra with a thick pad under the cup side, pushing up the chest to make it full and round. . A 3/4 cup bra is also suitable, which can hold the chest diagonally upwards. In particular, bras with steel rings, because of their strong solidity, can concentrate and gather the flat breasts of women, showing a full, three-dimensional chest circumference.
2. Women with sagging breasts.
Women with sagging breasts are generally older, or have a poor recovery of their body shape after birth, resulting in sagging breasts. If this type of female is thinner, use a 3/4 cup bra with padding and steel ring. While holding up the chest, push the chest with a pad to make it slightly full. If the body is fuller, especially for women with full breasts and sagging, it is not suitable for 1/2 or 3/4 cup bras. Because the too small cup cover can not accommodate the full chest, the muscles of the chest will be scattered to the sides of the underarm. A bra with a steel ring and a full cup cover should be used. The bra with the full cup cover can completely wrap and pull the chest upwards, trying to change the condition of the sagging of the chest.
3. Women whose chest is too wide.
Women with too wide chests are best suited to wear bras with steel rings. The force of the steel ring not only closes and raises the chest, but also allows the chest to be concentrated and the chest to move inward for women with too wide chest. It is also possible to try on a bra with a side pad which, by means of a piece on the side of the cup cover, simultaneously tightens the chest side and produces a pushing force in the middle to close the chest and shorten the spacing of the chest. At the same time, we must pay attention to the choice of cup cover, women with too large chest and full breasts, should wear full cup bra; women with large chest and chest is not full, can choose 3/4 cup bra.

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