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Discussion on seamless clothing and its processing technology

Release time:2018-08-20

The forming technology of the garment has a variety of stitching, bonding, weaving, etc., in which stitching is the main forming method. Sewing, as the name suggests, must have a needle to wire the garment parts in a certain form, which is the set-up of human clothing thinking for thousands of years. In the 21st century, with the advancement of technology and the use of new equipment, seamless clothing has gradually become recognized.

When it comes to fitness apparel, people naturally think of seamless underwear. It is directly woven with a circular knitting machine. There is no side seam. It is an extension of hosiery technology on knitwear. Its biggest advantage lies in fit and comfort. It has been around for a few years. The needle-free sewing is a new type of garment processing technology. It refers to the woven or knitted fabrics cut into garment pieces with a laser cutting machine, supplemented by hot melt adhesive film, through new electronic processing technology, such as hot pressing and ultrasonic.

The technique of welding the pieces is completely or partially eliminated from the use of sewing needles and sewing threads. Clothing made without needle stitching technology is also called seamless garment. Seamless clothing is a breakthrough in the application of modern high-tech technology in the field of traditional garment processing, especially ultrasonic welding technology, which is widely concerned by the clothing industry due to its unique flexibility.

The needle-free stitching technology was first used in outdoor sportswear and related outdoor sports products in Europe and the United States, such as ski wear, jackets, mountaineering suits, outdoor tents and other outdoor sports products. Because outdoor sportswear and products have various special requirements, such as light and warm, moisture-absorbing, breathable, waterproof and windproof, it promotes the innovation of processing technology while developing new fabrics. The needle-free garment solves the problem of pinhole water infiltration, water seepage and down. Problems such as clothing and wool.