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Disposable Underwear & Panties Manufacturer

Release time:2019-08-31

What is disposable underwear?

Disposable underwear is a type of underwear that is only worn once and then thrown away. It does not need washing and cannot be used repeatedly.


Why we use cotton to manufacturer disposable panties?

Cotton is a natural fibre, its greatest advantage is hygiene. Cotton fabric does not irritate and has no side effects in contact with skin.

In addition, pure cotton fabric also has good moisture absorption, heat preservation, heat resistance and air permeability.

Cotton fibres are extremely elastic so the material effortlessly stretches to match the wearer. The underwear is easily designed to accommodate different sizes and gives a very flattering fitted appear. It is very popular as premium quality disposable underwear. 

A cotton disposable underwear has the following benefits and advantages:

1, Engineered from lightweight space-saving cotton fabric;

2, Individually wrapped each pair of briefs can fit hygienically in your bag or pocket;

3, Supersoft natural stretchy cotton ensures an excellent feel and versatile match;

4, Cotton briefs naturally allows your skin to breathe.


Who is suitable for disposable underwear?

1, Travelers

Disposable panties or briefs are ideal travel underwear as they are lightweight and compact decreasing the amount of space taken. Because the briefs can be worn and thrown absent even less area is taken up by dirty laundry.

Disposable underwear avoid the need to spend evenings washing underwear and after that getting it draped around the hotel bed room while you watch for it to dry. In humid locations underwear may take for much longer to dry than you would anticipate which sometimes indicates needing to wear damp underwear or carting about moist underwear which finishes up smelling and having to be washed again. Resort laundry may be expensive and you have no concept who is handling your intimates

Airlines frequently mishandle countless suitcases a year therefore if you do not want to be caught with out any underwear at your last destination you experienced very best pack a pair or two of disposable underwear in your hand baggage. 

Disposable underwear are perfect for sailing trips where there's no washer and avoids have to wear the same old soiled smelly underwear.

2, Pregnant women and parturients

Disposable cotton underwear make ideal maternity and pregnancy underwear that is sensible, comfortable along with a genuine time-saver. The elasticity of the cotton underwear is ideal for keeping a maternity pad in place.

3, Patients

Disposable underwear, briefs, knickers and panties may be taken to clinic to prevent the potential of operating from clean underwear. Disposable underwear are ideal for hospitals as there is no need for them to clean underwear and using the increase in antibiotic resistant germs such as MRSA the need for cleanliness has not been much more important.

4, Forgetful men

Single use underwear is a perfect emergency panty for the forgetful men or women. You might forget washing your yesterday's underwear and are in a great hurry because you'll be late for work! You open the drawer and find the savior- a disposable underwear!