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What Is Far Infrared Fiber? What Are The Functions of Far Infrared Fiber?


What is far infrared fiber? What are the functions of far infrared fiber?

Any object can radiate infrared electromagnetic wave to a certain extent, but only 4-20 μ M wavelength of far infrared can match the peak wavelength of human skin radiation, and match the movement frequency of water molecules in biological cells, so it has a very good warming effect and health care effect on the skin. Therefore, this far infrared is known as “life light wave” by scientists.

far infrared fiber

Q1: What Is Far Infrared Fiber?

Far infrared fiber is a kind of functional fiber with far infrared radiation function. This special fiber can promote blood circulation and improve the activity of the body.

Q2: What Are The Characteristics Of Far Infrared Fiber To Human Body?

  1. The resonance between the released far red line and the water molecules in the body can effectively activate the water molecules, improve the permeability of cells, and thus increase the oxygen content of the body
  2. Balance the pH of health: purify blood with far infrared ray, improve skin quality and prevent bone and joint pain caused by high uric acid.
  3. Improve microcirculation. The free entry and exit of active water molecules between cells, as well as the thermal effect of far infrared ray, accelerate the blood flow speed and expand the microfilament vessels.
  4. Promote metabolism. If the microcirculation system is improved, the waste generated by metabolism can be quickly discharged from the body, reducing the burden on the liver and kidney
  5. It can resonate with water molecules and organic compounds and has a good lively effect, so far-infrared textiles have good warmth retention

Q3: What Are The Functions Of Far Infrared Fiber?

  1. Heat preservation

By using the thermal radiation of organism, the ability of absorbing and storing radiation from outside to organism can make organism produce “greenhouse effect”, prevent heat loss, and play a good insulation effect.


  1. Health care

The heat absorbed by the skin can reach the body tissue through the medium and blood circulation, which can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body.

  1. Antibacterial

The addition of particles in the fiber makes the surface of the fiber porous, the surface area increases, the surface activity and surface state of the adsorption, diffusion and other characteristics significantly improved, so that the product has sweat absorption, deodorization, sterilization and other functions.


Far infrared fiber fabric has the functions of keeping warm, promoting human metabolism, enhancing immunity and so on. At the same time, it also has the effects of antibacterial, deodorant, disinfection and so on.

Its warmth retention is better than ordinary fabrics, and the fabric feels soft and comfortable.

The underwear made of this fiber is comfortable, beautiful and warm. At the same time, it is light to wear, convenient to wash and take care of, giving people a relaxed feeling.


Far infrared fiber is used to make daily necessities, such as far infrared kneepads, wholesale blank fitness apparel, wristbands, shawls, underwear, socks, scarves, hats, blankets, gloves, bedding and other health care and thermal insulation products.

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