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How To Buy Baby Socks? 9 Tips To Help You Choose Baby Socks


How to buy baby socks? The choice of baby socks is also very important for mothers. If the selected socks do not fit the baby’s feet, not only will it not be able to keep warm, but it will also easily damage the baby’s skin and even cause harm to the baby. So helping your baby choose socks is actually a big course, let’s understand how to choose baby socks.

What Material Is Good For Baby Socks?

Because the baby’s skin is more sensitive, the fabrics selected for many baby-related products are very high-end. In the choice of fabrics for baby socks, it is recommended to choose pure cotton, pure silk or wool. Among them, pure cotton is naturally better, because pure cotton fabric absorbs moisture and keeps heat.

Under normal conditions, pure cotton fiber can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. When it touches human skin, it makes people feel soft and not stiff. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is higher, all the water contained in the fiber will evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric can maintain a water balance and make people feel comfortable.


Cotton fiber itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity. A large amount of air can accumulate between the fibers. Air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, pure cotton fiber textiles have good thermal insulation properties, so they are very suitable for making clothes. . Moreover, pure cotton has strong heat resistance. When the temperature is below 110°C, it will only cause the moisture on the fabric to evaporate without damaging the fiber. Therefore, under normal temperature, wearing, washing, printing and dyeing cotton fabrics have no effect on the fabrics, thereby improving the washing and wearing resistance of cotton fabrics.

Benefits of Wearing Socks For Babies

1. The body temperature regulation function of the newborn baby is not yet mature, the heat production capacity is small, but the heat dissipation capacity is large, and the body surface area is relatively large, which makes it easier to dissipate heat. When the ambient temperature is slightly lower, the peripheral circulation of the newborn is not good, and the feet will become cold. Putting socks on your baby can keep warm to a certain extent, avoid catching cold and make the baby feel comfortable.

2. As the baby grows in months, the activities of the limbs increase, and it is easy to damage the skin and toes of the feet. Wearing socks can reduce the occurrence of injury.

3. The baby’s skin is more and more exposed to the external environment. Some dirty things such as dust and other harmful substances can easily invade the body through the delicate skin and increase the chance of infection. Wearing socks can not only play a clean and hygienic role, but also prevent mosquito bites.

Precautions For Choosing Baby Socks

In the above, we have already known the necessity for babies to wear socks, and have also made a certain understanding of the choice of fabrics for baby socks. So how do you choose baby socks? In fact, if you want to choose the right baby socks, you should pay attention to the baby’s size and personality.

How To Buy Baby Socks: Cotton Is The Best

1. Before baby walks, it is very suitable to wear pure cotton socks. When baby walks, pure cotton floor socks or plush socks are more suitable for babies in cold or cold areas, which can keep warm. The best material for socks is cotton. Can choose pure cotton or cotton content of more than 90% socks. Never choose nylon socks for babies. Although nylon socks are thin, they are not breathable and may cause foot moss. Please read the product description carefully when selecting.

How To Buy Baby Socks: Air Permeability And Sweat Absorption

2. The air permeability and sweat absorption of socks are very important, which can promote skin respiration, prevent odor and moisture, and prevent mold breeding. Silk stockings have good air permeability and cotton stockings have good sweat absorption. Baby stockings can be blended with cotton, which is both breathable and sweat absorbing.

How To Buy Baby Socks: No Colorful Socks

3. Don’t choose colorful socks. Fancy colors need more dyes. Dyes contain lead, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, which are harmful to the growth and development of the baby. In particular, babies often gnaw their own feet, which is easy to increase the risk of chronic poisoning.

How To Buy Baby Socks:No Thread In The Socks

4. There should be no gap at the front end of socks. The front end of some socks is not continuously woven, but stitched, which is extremely uncomfortable to the stimulation of toe tips. Especially for the baby wearing shoes, don’t choose the front stitched socks. In addition, pay attention to cut off the thread in the socks.

How To Buy Baby Socks: Moderate Tightness

5. The tightness should be moderate. Not only should the size of the socks be appropriate, but also the tightness of the waist. To prevent the baby from kicking off the socks, some mothers deliberately choose tight waist socks or extra elastic bands and put them on the ankles, which will affect the blood circulation and is not recommended.

How To Buy Baby Socks: Appropriate Size

6. The size of socks should be appropriate. A size that is too small will affect the development of the baby’s feet. It is generally recommended to choose socks that are 1 cm larger or smaller than the actual length of the baby’s foot sole.

How To Buy Baby Socks: According To The Season

Socks should be selected according to the season. Every season is different. In summer, you should choose thin cotton socks, which have good air permeability and can absorb sweat; in spring and autumn, you should choose pure cotton socks, which are thicker and tighter than thin cotton socks; in winter, you’d better choose pure wool or cashmere socks that have better warmth.

How To Buy Baby Socks:Carefully Check The Socks

Carefully check the inside and outside of the socks. When choosing socks, please carefully check the workmanship, mainly to see if there are thread, beads, sequins and other decorations. Socks should not have threads. When buying socks, be sure to look over the socks to see if there is any thread inside, so as to avoid the thread catching your baby’s toes. There have been many cases where babies have necrotic toes due to thread ends.

How To Buy Baby Socks: Choose Branded Socks

9. It is best to go to a baby product store to choose branded socks, so that the quality can be guaranteed. Don’t buy socks at street stalls or informal shops for temporary convenience. The quality of socks bought at street stalls is often substandard, and most of them are blended with low-quality cotton or a large amount of acrylic.

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