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How To Care For Leather? 5 Tips To Guide You

Release time:2021-01-29

How to care for leather? The basic reason why leather is soft is that oil is introduced into the inner part of animal skin to form an oil film covering the surface of the inner fiber. That is to say, an oil film of suitable thickness is used to separate the inner fiber surfaces. In this way, the friction force between the inner fibers of leather is equivalent to the friction force of oil molecules, so the leather will be very soft.

Its principle is similar to that of sponge, but the difference is that oil film is used to separate the fibers on the inner surface of dermis, so that there are sliding pores in the dermis, but its pores are smaller than sponge, and the distribution of fibers on the inner surface of dermis is not as regular as sponge.

how to care for leather

How To Care For Leather: Washing    

For high-quality leather clothes, it is better not to wash them by hand or by machine, or wash them frequently, which can easily lead to leather deformation;    

If you want to clean, first take a soft cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of leather clothing, and then dip a toothbrush in diluted neutral lotion to clean the lining of leather clothing. After cleaning, coat vaseline oil on the surface of leather clothing to ensure the luster of leather clothing.

how to care for leather

How To Care For Leather: Air Drying    

After cleaning, the leather clothes should not be exposed to the sun directly but should be dried with a towel, and then evenly coated with glycerin or vaseline at the water spots, hung on the hanger, and dried in a cool and ventilated place;  

Avoid drying in the sun, otherwise, it is easy to crack the skin surface, and the clothes are easy to harden and shrink.     

How To Care For Leather: Ironing    

  • It is recommended not to iron, because high-temperature ironing is easy to make the clothes hard; if the clothes are wrinkled, the ironing temperature should be controlled within 80 ℃;

  • Put a piece of clean cotton cloth on the leather garment as the lining ironing cloth, and gently iron it back and forth (steam iron is not allowed), so as to prevent the iron from directly contacting the leather surface and damaging the leather.

How To Care For Leather: Maintenance    

  • Prevent mildew: if the leather is damp and moldy, wipe the mildew with velvet or corduroy, and then dry with leather cleaner;    

  • Protect the surface of leather, avoid contact with sharp objects when wearing, so as to prevent clothing damage.

how to care for leather

How To Care For Leather: Storage    

  • When storing, it is recommended to use the clothes rack to hang the leather clothes flat and unfold, and not to fold the leather clothes; the leather clothes should not be pressed under other clothes, so as to prevent the clothes from folding;    

  • For long-term storage, it is recommended to seal the leather coat with cloth cover, hang it, and take it out for ventilation regularly to prevent mildew