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How to Dress for an Autumn Soiree


The nights are getting longer, the leaves are changing, and a certainly spiced latte is back on your favorite coffee shop’s menu. You know what that means—that’s right, it’s fall! 

After a season full of summer ensembles for socially distanced BBQ’s and rose tastings, you may need a refresher course in what to wear to an autumn gathering. 

Say “see ya next summer” to your bikinis and tube tops. 

And welcome to the wild and wonderful world of fall fashion. 

Dress with All the Colors of the Season

As you stare into your closet and consider your style options for fall festivities, first things first—you have to rockfall colors. Autumn has an amazing and universally flattering palette. 

•Red This isn’t the hot rod red of your favorite summer dress. Reds of this cozy season are all about depth and warmth. A few must-have fall reds are:

▪ Burgundy

▪ Rust

▪ Oxblood

▪ Red ochre

•Orange – Orange is everywhere in the fall. It’s in the leaves, the mulled drinks, and of course, the pumpkins. Try tones of: 

▪ Burnt orange

▪ Marigold

▪ Pumpkin

•Yellow – Gone are the delicate yellows of spring and summer. The yellows of fall are deep, warm, and rich, like:

▪ Gold

▪ Mustard

▪ Dandelion

•Green – The greens of this colorful season is earthy and muted, almost plunking them in the “neutrals” category. Consider bouts of: 

▪ Moss green

▪ Olive green

▪ Sage

•Blue – Just picture chilly blue November twilights or dramatic October skies to inform your fall blues. These include:

▪ Cobalt

▪ Dusty blue

▪ Navy

•Warm Neutrals – Warm neutrals can add a bit of freshness with any of the above colors without sacrificing that cozy autumn vibe. Think:

▪ Cream

▪ Fawn

▪ Almond

▪ Camel

Favorite Fall Fabric

The best outfits blend practicality with style. Since there’s a bit of a nip in the air, be sure to choose snuggly fabrics for your fabulous fall fashion statements. Never-fail fall fabrics include:

  • Wool 
  • Corduroy
  • Velvet

Boots, Boots, Boots!

Fall isn’t just for pumpkin spiced lattes and scarves—it’s boot season, people! Boots immediately call to mind strolls through red-gold forests, watching a spectacular autumn sunset with hot cocoa in hand, or jovial jaunts through the pumpkin patch. 

There are three essential fall bootie styles: 

Booties – Booties go with everything from work slacks to adorable sweater dresses.
Knee-high Boots –Fabulous with jeans or your favorite skirt, knee-high boots keep you warm and stylish with every step. 
Over-the-Knee Boots – Paired best with a short black skirt, over-the-knee boots add a hint of sexy fall flair. 

Make-Up That Shines

Make-up can add that fabulous final touch to your autumn look. To really embody the spirit of the season, focus your make-up accents to the following areas:

•Eyes – Winter is sparkle season, making fall shimmer time! Look for eyeshadows that add a hint of warm shine to your eyes. Copper, gold, or bronze eyeshadows are must-haves for your eyeshadow palette. Looking to keep it simple? Go back to your warm fall basics like burnt orange, red ochre, camel, or cream. 
•Lips – Pucker up with the hues of the season, including:

▪ Mauve

▪ Caramel

▪ Ginger spice

▪ Berry

▪ Orange-red

▪ Poppy

•Cheeks – Warm blush with a little bronzer perfectly captures the pink-cheeks of a chilly September morning with that lingering hint of summer. 

Put It All Together

Now that you’ve mastered the fine art of fall fabrics, make-up, and hues, you’re ready to create stunning outfits for every autumn soiree. 

Here are just a few ideas for some favorite fall occasions: 

For pumpkin carving and cocktails – Black turtleneck with a burnt orange corduroy skirt and knee-high boots.

For cozy fall dates– Over-the-knee boots, a tight black skirt, and your favorite fall blouse or most flattering sweater. 

For post-work happy hours – Dark jeans with a neutral lace undershirt, a velvet blazer, and booties. 

For hometown harvest festivals – Leggings, knee-high boots, an off-the-shoulder sweater and a patterned scarf.

Be the Goddess of Fall

Your fall social calendar is filling up with fun and you want to look fall-fabulous for every occasion. With this guide to fall soiree fashion, you’ll be styling from your size 34AA bras to your fantastic boots. So grab your favorite warm drink and dive into this amazing season!

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