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How to Hand Wash Cashmere? 7 Steps to Wash Cashmere Clothes


How to hand wash cashmere products at home? There are 7 Steps to guide you.

With warmth and lightness, like the softest and warmest hug, like a lover’s breathing against the body, this is wool and cashmere. It brings us natural enjoyment, as well as warmth and love.  Without considering professional dry cleaners, when choosing hand washing, you must remember “select, warm, knead, squeeze, dehydration, drying, and steam.”

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Use Special Detergent

Be sure to use special detergent for woolen garments, and the ratio of detergent to water should be moderate, the general ratio is 100:3. If it is troublesome, you can use shampoo instead of wool detergent. After washing, soak in conditioner for a while.

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Use 30-35℃ Warm Water

Control the water temperature 30-35 ℃, then add professional wool detergent and stir slightly to make the detergent fully dissolved in water. Then soak the inner layer of wool and cashmere clothes for 5-10 minutes.

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Wash Gently

In the process of washing and protecting, remember to rub hard and press back and forth with your hands, including the cleaning process. Do not twist with your hands. Gently rub it back and forth until the foam is cleaned.

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Squeezing Water

After cleaning, lay the wool and cashmere garment on a flat surface, fold it with a soft dry towel, and squeeze the excess water by hand.

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Dehydration

Roll the woolen sweater flat on the towel like a sushi roll and roll up the towel and woolen sweater so that the towel absorbs excess moisture

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Drying

After the water is squeezed out, place it in a ventilated place, spread it out in the shade, and avoid exposure to the sun.

How to Hand Wash Cashmere: Steam Ironing

Wool sweaters have the strong anti-wrinkle ability. Generally speaking, they don’t need ironing. If there are wrinkles after being left for a long time, you can use a steam iron to control the temperature at about 130-150℃. The woolen and cashmere clothes should be ironed at a distance of 1-2cm.


It must be washed and dried before storage, folded and bagged, and placed flat, remember to hang it to avoid deformation.  

Do not mix with other products in the same bag.  

Store in a dark, ventilated, and dry place. Pay attention to moth prevention when storing. It is strictly forbidden to directly contact the mothproof agent with the woolen sweater (skirt).

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