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Increased demand for seamless sportswear

Release time:2018-08-13

Today, with the improvement of the national fitness awareness, many professional sports are widely spread. The athletes who engage in various sports have more personalized demands on the functionality of the close-fitting clothing. In what ways does the business need to enhance skill development to provide its functionality?

That's right, as you said, the demand for professional sports equipment in the Chinese market is growing, and these demands are not only from professional athletes, but also from people who want to harvest health through sports. To be satisfied with their needs, yarn merchants are demanding and looking for solutions that do not degrade functionality while minimizing costs.

Regarding the material supplier, the stability of the yarn (color fastness, strength, abrasion resistance) is a question that needs attention in the development of the product. The advantage is that the DNA of the yarn material can be manipulated from the source. We produce and develop the particles ourselves, so the towering nylon 66 has higher commodity stability, better hand and functionality, and can also differentiate the brand. s product.

Seamless sports bra is a category with high skill content and high added value in the application of seamless textile skills. How do you make special requests for fashion designers? Sportswear development has a high demand for designers and skilled personnel. Designers' time needs consider how to combine the functionality required for different sports with fashion, and seamless textile skills can help designers find a balance between the two. But the designer has a great understanding of the seamless skills and the use of yarn....