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Knitwear sewing equipment

Release time:2018-11-24

Knitted garments require a knitting flat knitting machine or a small circular machine to complete the weaving of the main garments. The one-piece molding equipment requires almost no later stitching. Many seamless underwears now use such equipment. Some sweaters, knit vests, etc., also need to be sewn together with a sewing machine after the pieces are removed.
The sewing machine is also called "sleeve sewing machine", which is a special sewing machine for stitching knitted garments. It is characterized by the stitching between the stitching sleeve and the edge coil of the garment piece, and the stitching of the coil to the coil is performed. The seams are flat, the appearance is beautiful, and the elasticity is good. It is often used for the stitching of knitted sweaters, collars, sills and sleeves.
According to the needle bed form, the sewing machine is divided into flat and round type, as shown in the figure below, which is mainly used for sewing collars, hanging shoulders, etc.; flat sleeve stitching machine is mainly used for sewing side seams and hem, For sleeves and other parts, the stitch type is usually a single-line chain stitch.