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Why Don’t French Women Wear Leggings In French?


Why don’t French women wear leggings in French?Then they only wear skirts? No, to be precise, French women love trousers. For example, they often wear a suit and stand with gentlemen. Why are they not addicted to such popular legging?

leggings in French

There is no doubt that the sporty style is popular. As a symbol of sporty style, legging can be seen almost every day in the street shooting of American women. They are well-versed in the shape of sports and going out of the street.

Why don’t French girls wear leggings in French? Let’s take a look at the explanations of these French fashionistas:


Leggings In French: Sports Are Sports, Wide-Leg Pants Are Daily


French blogger Sarah Nait: “I may not be able to speak for all French women, but in France, the boundary between sports and daily leisure is clear. I am still a little surprised when sports is popular. If I want to be comfortable, I will wear oversize trousers. In this way, a white shirt and wide-leg pants of the same color are comfortable and elegant.

Sarah’s favorite style is still such a drape and thin wide-leg pants. The long legs will come immediately after wearing them, and the skin is comfortable to the touch. In this hot weather, such pants are really suitable, breathable and cool.

Except in the gym, French women hardly think of wearing leggings in French. Even if they are at home, they will choose comfortable wide-leg pants to spend the whole day. Caroline de Maigret steps on the floor with bare feet, and her hair is scattered casually. And elegance can’t be achieved by drawing out the lines, and such a beautiful moment can not be achieved by posing.

She also likes to wear wide-leg trousers in daily street styles, fashion week and other street shots. The big frame and casual dress, temperament and aura are the key to catching people’s attention.

The comfort of holiday dress is very important. They will also choose short wide-leg pants. Paris blogger Victoria’s striped shirt with white wide-leg pants is paired with white wide-leg pants. The legs are long and nice, slippers on the feet and waist. The straw woven bag between the time is also to maximize the casualness.

The blogger Anne Laure mais has a vacation style that is worth learning. There is no dazzling color that we often say, and there is no need to wear exaggerated and elegant skirts. Bra top plus nine-point wide-leg pants, confident but not forgetting elegance is what a woman should Something looks like.

Leggings In French: Don’t Show The Lines At All, The Pipe Pants Are Great


French women do not allow themselves to be inelegant and not fashionable. They think that wearing legging sportswear out of the street is a bad taste and not elegant enough. They think that the cut of the smoke tube pants fits the hips and makes the wallpaper of the legs slim. There are still some gaps between the legs, which is perfect.

Ines de la fressange won in “The Most Fashionable Woman in Paris”. She didn’t love Chinese clothes, and she didn’t like showing her figure straight out. Her favorite dress was pipe pants and flat shoes. She once said : Curve or height is far less important than posture, men will not love you more because of those.

Even if they play a mix and match, use baseball jackets to perform similar sports styles, they will not wear leggings in French to go out. A better choice is to match cigarette pants and one-step casual shoes. The comfort is not bad, and it is very fashionable and natural.

Cigarette pants are just handsome and neutral temperament, can’t they be sultry? Chanel actor Audrey Tatu will tell you that not only can they be sultry, but also sultry in the invisible. The lazy and smooth texture of satin shirts, as well as the uprightness and neatness of the smoking pipe pants, is really charming.

Leggings In French: No Tight-Fitting Styles Jeans


They like jeans, but they don’t choose tight-fitting jeans to wear. Another point of view for leggings in French is: it is only suitable for fitness and exercise. Usually wearing it is like wearing only stockings out of the street. I prefer boyfriend style jeans.

The wardrobes of the French girls are very compact, and they put down the appearance of up to ten clothes of the season. They don’t care whether they have to wear different clothes every day. The French model Michaela Thomsen, whether at home or traveling, wear T-shirts and loose jeans all the time.

This is not the only example among models. To say that American sweet girls like to wear leggings in French all the time, French models really only like to wear simple. French supermodel Camille Rowe is also a loyal fan of T-shirts and jeans.

Another French model, Louise Follain, chooses a wide range of colors and designs on the top, but it is still a simple pair of jeans that looks good. She doesn’t care whether the jeans are high waist or make her thin, as long as they are natural.

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