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Main features of warp knitted seamless clothing

Release time:2018-10-13


The pattern is rich and the style is updated easily. It is suitable for the planning and production of personalized seamless clothing.
The double-needle bed Jacquard device constitutes a thick, thin and mesh effect on the ground arrangement, which can make the different parts of the garment have different arrangement structure, the performance is fashionable, and the style changes richly;

Useful, wear-resistant and non-hook
In the warp knitting seamless merchandise jacquard arrangement, there is no floating line behind the coil that does not participate in the weaving, and it is not easy to occur. In addition, the woven fabric is not easily detached and has strong usefulness;

No side seams around, body fit, high wearing comfort
The seamless structure does not conflict with the body and is more comfortable to wear. The remaining sutures and bloated appearance are gone, with higher fit and comfort;

High yield, short production cycle, saving capital and power
There is no need to go through many cutting and stitching processes, shortening the production time, saving labor and plant area; reducing the cost of raw materials and power, and greatly reducing production costs.