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Seamless underwear size selection

Release time:2018-09-03

The choice of underwear size seamless clothing is an indispensable part of modern women, also known as the second skin. A good underwear not only allows you to maintain a healthy body, but also creates a beautiful body shape for you. So what kind of underwear size is correct? Is it really suitable for you? How to choose a good underwear, but I have great knowledge!
The SIZE of underwear is very important, not only the body feels natural and comfortable, but also has enough protection and body function. Before choosing the right underwear, let's take a look at the following small test with Xiaobian and see if you have any small details in these underwear:
1. The breast protrudes from the cup - indicating that the cup is too small or too sharp.
2. There is a protruding part under the armpit - indicating that the bra is too small or too narrow on the side.
3. After the arms are lifted, the bra is lifted up—indicating that the bra is too big.
4. The shoulder strap is embedded in the shoulder - indicating that the shoulder strap is too short and should be adjusted.
If you have a few questions above, or all of them. Then, please take off the underwear now and pick a real underwear that suits you.
Folding and editing this section of the mother how to choose underwear Many women know that breast milk is much better than milk, but also very much want to breastfeed their baby, but the lack of milk does make many women worry. In fact, in addition to a few congenital physique reasons, there are many external reasons, such as maternal underwear may be the culprit of less milk.
First of all, clothes, especially underwear fibers, may invade the milk duct, so it is best to choose pure cotton for the new mother's underwear, and do not wear wool clothes directly outside the underwear. In addition, close-fitting clothing should not be loose, too tight underwear will bind the breast, affecting lactation; underwear washed separately, avoiding contamination with other clothing; drying instead of drying, to avoid bacterial growth; separate storage, underwear after drying In the special underwear storage box, prevent the fibers of other clothes from being stained; before each wearing the underwear, carefully clean the dust, fibers, feathers, etc. on the inside.