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Seamless underwear style

Release time:2018-12-14

This is best for wearing on important occasions. Whether it's a wedding ceremony, a party, or an important social event. This bra is slightly elevated to the chest, tightening the waist and abdomen, so that the dress is very fit to wear on the body. The shoulder strap is removable, which is prepared for wearing a bare shoulder dress. Suitable for ladies of all sizes.
2. Starlet star style
This bra has a star effect. The cup of the magic cup will shape the chest, the half cup will hold the breast up, and the shoulder strap is suitable for wearing the nude shoulder dress. Smooth silky fabric that can be worn directly on the outside, just wear a skirt on the lower body. For an extroverted woman who is good at expressing herself, this paragraph will increase her sexy and gorgeous temperament.
3. Fire and brimstone
This bra is not only called the fire type because of the red color, but its sexy shape is more dazzling. There is no extra pad in the cup, just the height of the style design makes the breast look round, which is what people often call "magic bra". Due to the angle of the two cups, this model can push the breast to the center to create a cleavage, and the high-waist underwear will tighten the waist and abdomen to make the whole body show the effect of "devil body".

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