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Seamless underwear style

Release time:2018-11-30

Deeply,truly,fully full
This is a bra designed for plump breasts. The cup is deeper and larger, the pull frame and the bottom are wider, and the shoulders are elastic. The whole bra is close to the chest, which fixes the breast well and makes you move freely. At the same time, the shape is compact and the breast has no slack. Some bra cups are set with tulle in the upper part, and the bottom is decorated with embroidered laces of different colors to add a feminine temperament, so that you have a confidence from the chest no matter what platform you attend.
2. Female female
This half-cup full-breasted bra has a thin shoulder strap and is feminine, perfect for small and delicate ladies. Their thin body is not tall, and it is not appropriate to wear a full cup bra. This half-cup bra has a high breast shape that makes the chest look tall. It can be worn with a low-necked outfit and a shiny necklace between the items. It is very appropriate to attend various gatherings.
3. Slimwaist thin waist
This is a fixed bra underpants featuring a controlled waist and a slim waist. The bra is a 3/4 cup, the large bowl-shaped steel plate pushes the breast up, and the high-waisted bottom pants tighten the waist. This one is suitable for a slightly full body shape, which can make the curve of the body convex and concave, fully expressing the female body. It is suitable for wearing a skirt suit, which makes the body look lighter and more elegant.
4. Elegant Elegant
This underwear is very elegant, with dark fabric and gold lace. The half-cup cup-high bra and the lateral-side shoulder strap are ideal for slim-skinned ladies with dark low-cut evening dresses. If the body is fuller, it is best not to choose this one, because this cup is often small, padded, not suitable for plump breasts.

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