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Several common materials for tights

Release time:2019-03-18

There are also matt spandex pants that are not polished. The surface will look dull, the visual effect is worse than the former, and the hand feel may be less. But the price is also slightly cheaper
The scientific name Polyamide fiber is a general term for polyamide fibers produced in China. Internationally known as nylon. High strength, wear resistance and good resilience. Can be purely spun and blended for a variety of clothing and knitwear. The main varieties are nylon 6 and nylon 66, and their physical properties are similar. Nylon has better hygroscopicity and dyeability than polyester, and it is resistant to alkali and acid. The long-term exposure to sunlight will reduce the fiber strength, which is the earliest ‘oped pants’. This fabric, this fabric makes the tights feel good. But it is airtight and the fabric is heavy. The price is not high.
Spandex coating
The spandex rubber coating has good brightness and elasticity, and gives a great visual impact under the illumination of the light, and is mostly used for stage performances. The disadvantage is that the tights made of this fabric can not be washed, and it is easy to fade.
There are a lot of tight-fitting makers who use PVC fabrics imported from abroad. The fabric has excellent brightness. There is a feel, and the thick fabric is quite tough. The disadvantage is that it is not breathable. In the large-scale entertainment activities in some countries in Europe and America, many stars can be seen wearing. Belonging to luxury. PVC fabrics are relatively small in elasticity, so tights made from this material must be tailored.