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Silver Underwear


Silver Underwear- with Silver Infused Tech

Silver Underwear is a kind of anti-odor underwear made with Silver Ion Antimicrobial Technology. It Includes silver infused boxer briefs for men & silver infused panties for women. Then, what is silver underwear? What are the benefits of silver undergarment?

Why do we use silver fiber to manufacture underwear?

Nobody knows when silver is discovered by human beings, but our ancestors have already known that such metal has magical purification capacity:

The king of Persia Cyrus the Great ordered 2,500 years ago all troops to hold water with silver jar, because the water in the silverware was cleaner than that in other containers.

In A.D.78, Pliny the Elder described the properties of silver in Natural History that “it has therapeutic effects…. especially in promoting wound healing.”

 “People had no knowledge of the bactericidal mechanism of silver in ancient times.” says A.Bart Flick, the trauma recovery expert in Clayton County, Georgia. Flick often uses silver in the treatment of local wound and he says, “silver is only good for human health and did no harm even at that time. So, people consider it as ‘safe metal’.”

Now the silver has wider applications, e.g., in prevention of eye infections of the newborn, treatment of burns and preparation of water for ionization and rinsing. 

The silver-plated fabric is characterized by anti-bacteria, regulation of body temperature and humidity and control of body odour, so it is often made into silver ion fiber yarn for silver underwear manufacturing.

Why is silver underwear antibacterial?

The antibacterial mechanism of metal silver refers to the physiological process in which the bacteria are blocked. The silver ion has very high biological activity in a warm and wet environment, which means that it can easily be combined with other substances to solidify the proteins inside and outside the cell membrane of the bacterium and further block the respiratory and reproductive process of the bacterial cell. Of course, we don’t need to worry about health problems, because it is very hard for silver ion to penetrate through the cell membrane of mammal.

The high pure silver fiber can kill 99.9% bacteria on the exposed surface in less than 1 hour, while most of other antibacterial products still can’t achieve the same effect after 48-hour test.

The warmer and wetter the environment is, the stronger the activity of the silver ion will be. It is very easy for human body to create an environment that can enhance the activity of silver ion, so silver-plated fiber is very suitable for making clothing, especially the field of underwear production.

Other features of silver ion infused technology underwear

1, Deodorization

The human body will stink by breeding of bacteria and the deteriorated proteins will leave foul smell on clothes and socks. The silver ion on the surface of silver fiber can quickly adsorb the deteriorated proteins and thus eliminate the odor.

2, Safety

The silver ion fiber is made of high pure metal silver and has no toxic side effects of general chemical products. Silver is medically proved to be the safest element to mammals and one kind of benign substances (generally the use of chemically antibacterial products will potentially harm the human body). 

3, Elimination of static electricity and promotion of blood circulation

The feature of silver fiber in promoting blood circulation has been approved by FDA(Food and Drug Administration) to be used in the medical devices. The silver has high conductivity, so only a small amount of silver fibers on the clothes can quickly eliminate the static electricity caused by friction.

A magnetic field will naturally be produced when currents pass through the conductive medium. In view of this, as body movement and friction will produce a lot of static electricity, when static currents pass through the highly conductive silver fiber, the  silver fiber will convert these static electricity into magnetic fields and ease the tension caused to human body, thus promoting blood circulation and reducing edema.

4, Regulation of body temperature (warm in winter and cool in summer)

Silver underwear regulates body temperature mainly through:

1) Evaporation

The open pores can release surplus heat by evaporation of a lot of sweat, but no radiation energy will be emitted.

2) Conduction or convection

It is well known that the heat may be transmitted from the skin to external environment if the human body is immersed in cold water or the thermal-conductive materials are worn. “Silver” is the best thermal-conductive element on the earth, it can conduct and emit quickly heat on the skin in hot summer and thus lower the body temperature. 

The human body will no longer perspire heavily in the cold weather as a result of contraction of pores, instead it emits radiation energy to regulate the body temperature, loss of 90% body temperature may be attributed to radiation. The most effective way of heat preservation in the cold weather is to store or reflect the radiation energy back to the human body and “silver” is the most effective material for storage and reflection, its reflex action is much better than its conductivity, so excellent thermal insulation effect may be achieved.

Types of silver ion technology undergarment 

1, Silver ion knitted briefs: The silver seamless underwear and other seamless clothing made of silver ion yarn are distributed evenly by warp-weft interweaving method, which can sterilize effectively and prevent odor. 

2, Anti-odor socks: Such socks can massage your feet, prevent ankle swelling and promote blood circulation in the foot.

3, Maternity panty-hose: The pure silver fibers are distributed at the belly, triangle crotch and foot sole part of the panty-hose, which can protect the fetus against electromagnetic wave pollutions and keep the human body from bacteria attack.

4, Other textile products.

Currently there is still room for decline of silver underwear’s cost owing to cost limitations. But with the development of technology, an increasing number of people will certainly enjoy the comfort and health of silver ion products.

Written by seamless underwear manufacturing consultant- Kane, LinkedIn ID: seamless underwear kane.

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