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The right choice for sports underwear

Release time:2018-12-29

The size is different from the general underwear size method, which is distinguished by small, medium and large (S, M, L). Take our next round as the standard for choosing sports underwear, therefore. When buying sports bra, be sure to try it on yourself and decide which one is right for you. After trying on the body, extend both arms and turn left and right. In order to feel the fixed effect and elastic effect of the sports underwear.
In addition, you should choose sports underwear according to the type of exercise you often do: if there are more indoor sports, you should choose white or light color, etc. If you have more heavy exercise, it is more convenient and practical to choose higher elasticity.
Sports underwear is a clothing that can be worn in public, but it is best to wear it only during exercise. On the one hand, sports underwear needs to be changed frequently to avoid excessive sweat damage. On the other hand, the design of sports underwear emphasizes the movement function, which does not show the beauty of the female chest, so whether it is summer sports underwear Wearing the clothing outside, or wearing it as a bra underwear, is not conducive to body shape, is not conducive to the exterior.
Choose a sports underwear to choose the right size, generally the size of the following bust is correct, do not buy too much, or else it does not play a certain role, this is my personal experience, and then we must choose the big brand Good quality, breathable sports underwear, which is more conducive to perspiration.