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Two styles of seamless underwear

Release time:2019-01-12

Two styles of seamless underwear
1. Ultralight exposed
This is a very light and soft one. The tulle elastic fabric cup is not molded or padded to make it look like a skin with a vivid texture. The steel support molds the shape of the breast, and the thin shoulders pull the breasts forcefully, so that the wear effect is both natural and does not make the chest loose. With sparkling makeup and accessories, it is very stylish. Can be worn with a tulle skirt to attend a variety of elegant parties
2. Skin has no trace
This one is not only delicate and elastic like skin, but also the color is mainly based on skin color. It is specially designed for tight-colored light color exterior. The full cup cup secures the breast so that the outer garment does not reveal the clothing marks of the bra anyway. This is very suitable for the younger generation, it is like the foundation closest to the skin color, and you will not be able to show the clues when you wear any style and color on it. It should be said that it is the most practical one in spring, and this model can be worn regardless of whether the chest is full or not.

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