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Underwear knowledge

Release time:2019-05-17

Bras are not 100% unsuitable for washing in the washing machine. There is a "laundry bag" designed to wash women's underwear, which avoids mixing the bra with other clothes. However, as far as I know, the use of domestic laundry bags is not common. Generally speaking, after menstruation, women usually have to wash their underwear (because the underwear is usually stained with hard-to-clean menstrual blood), and it is washed by hand (many people think that this stuff is unclean, it will contaminate the whole washing machine) The clothes), the bra is very different from other clothes. After the shower, I wash it by the way, just like we wash the swimming trunks.
Folding to understand your breasts wearing a bra, you must first understand your breasts! The breasts are the same as the human beings, thousands of people. According to the degree of breast uplift, six types can be roughly divided.
Disc shape: The breast is not raised, but the bottom is not small, like two thin plates hanging on the chest.
Conical shape: the breast is small and the bottom is not large, but the whole is straight and conical.
Hemispherical: The breasts are large and full, like the two halves of tennis.
Spindle shape: The breast is raised very high, but the bottom is not large, so that the breast protrudes forward and has a slight drape, like a spindle.
Drooping I shape: The breast is raised but sagging, and the lower part touches the chest.
Drooping II: The position of the apex of the breast is very low, so that the entire breast is hanging downward.
The six types of breasts do not change with age, but at the same time in different age groups. Not only that, just as there are differences in other symmetrical parts of the human body - the left and right hands are not the same size, the left and right lungs are not the same size, the left and right eyes are not the same size, the cheeks on both sides are not the same size, and the left and right breasts are not the same size. Only some people are obvious, some people are not obvious. It is these circumstances that make us have to be targeted when we are trimming our chests. Don't simply imitate others. If the thin person has to decorate the hemispherical breast, or if the round body has to be decorated with a conical breast, or if the original drooping breast is to be decorated into a conical shape, these practices must be too far-fetched. Not only will the overall body curve be uncoordinated, but the body sensation will also be discomfort due to tension. To make your situation better.

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