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Wearing underwear properly

Release time:2019-05-11

Seven steps to properly wear underwear:
Step 1: The upper body is tilted forward 45 degrees to allow the chest to enter the cup.
Step 2: Hold the bra with both hands and slide it back to the back to buckle the back.
Step 3: Adjust the position of the nipple at the tip of the cup. (It is very important to see whether the underwear is a European design or an Asian design. The tip position is correct. If you do not pay attention to this for a long time, it may cause breast deformation or even nipple depression.)
Step 4: Stand up and adjust again, and put the exposed muscles into the bra.
Step 5: Adjust the shoulder strap with both hands and leave a finger width.
Step 6: Flatten the sides of the sides without wrinkles.
Step 7: Do the overall inspection, whether there is a pair of breasts under the armpit, and whether the back is hanging up.
Underwear size calculation:
The size of the underpants is generally large (L), medium (M), small (S) code, and some styles are set to enlarge (XL) or extra large (XXL) code, the size is based on the size of the buttocks.
Basically, the bra is a very tight thing. When a woman puts on her, she always feels bundled, as if she is tied with a rope. In fact, when the button is untied, the cup is immediately loose because of the reaction force!
Her support is not small! And the woman who just untied the bra, the shoulder strap, and the belt will be red, it is not very comfortable (models that shoot bras can not wear any underwear a few days ago). However, they have no choice but to wear a bra with the following necessity:
-- Support the breasts. A woman who does not wear a bra, do not say running, even sitting up with his hands raised, the breasts will shake.
-- Maintenance curve. The woman's breasts began to collapse at about 25 years old. You may wish to look at the primitive ethnic women who have never crossed the bra in their lifetime, and what kind of virtue they have in their breasts.
- Protect the nipple from rubbing against the outer garment.
-- Courtesy. Wear it to others, especially men, to prove that she is a well-educated person (there is a lot of criticism about this point, Milan Kendall's "immortal"). But the bra is very expensive. The spread of the goods is about two hundred yuan, and the domestically produced ones are about five hundred to one thousand yuan. The exquisite or imported ones with special effects are more expensive. Men's underwear is cheaper and more durable. Bras can not be washed in the washing machine, only hand washing (good trouble), and a life of only a few months, once the cup, wire deformation or shoulder strap, strap elastic deterioration, you can only retire. And there is a danger of being stolen outside.

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