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What Are Electric Shoes? 7 Features of Electrically Heated Shoes

Release time:2021-01-13

What Are Electric Shoes?

Electric shoes, also known as electrically heated shoes, are shoes that can generate heat through the latest patented technology. It is a functional shoe that can convert electrical energy into thermal energy and install it into the shoe. The electrical energy is provided by a rechargeable aggregate lithium battery.

The aggregate lithium battery has the characteristics of high safety performance, long practical life, and low voltage. The electric shoe is a heating system installed on the sole of the shoe to generate heat. The heater of the heating system is an infrared heater, which provides heat to the foot in a cold environment.

electric shoes

Difference Between Electric Shoes and Ordinary Shoes

The appearance of electric heating shoes is no different from ordinary shoes. It is classic and beautiful, can be charged, and is only a little heavier than ordinary shoes. Because of the battery, good electric heating shoes also have the effect of physical therapy and health care, which improves the body's metabolism.  

Battery of Electric Shoes

If you put on electric shoes, your feet will be warm in 1 minute. The battery is the most important part of the whole pair of shoes. This kind of battery is different from ordinary rechargeable batteries because it has a harsher working environment and must not have the risk of explosion/fire.

Features of Electric Shoes

  • The heating time is long, and it can be used for one day after charging. The heating time can reach 8-12 hours.
  • Good waterproof performance (currently upgraded to the third generation product, the key switch is placed in the highest position of the shoe, which is safer)
  • Real material; shoe fabric is made of cowhide.

  • The heating effect is good, the forefoot heating is used, and the heating effect is stable.
  • The temperature is adjustable. The shoes are divided into high temperature gear (65°) and constant temperature gear (38°)
  • Three-proof certification: anti-puncture, anti-oil, anti-static (certificate)
  • Good interior design: A large amount of thermal insulation cotton and wool are added to the interior design of the shoes, and the thermal insulation effect is very ideal.