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What Are Padded Cycling Pants ? How To Select And Wash Them?


What Are Padded Cycling Pants?   

Padded cycling pants are important equipment related to the comfort of riding. The elastic fabric used in it is beneficial to wrap the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and has a certain role in protecting the sports muscles (the effect is the same as running tights).  

No Need To Wear Underwear When Wearing Padded Cycling Pants

Because the material of underwear is generally cotton, it has good sweat absorption but poor sweat wicking ability. In addition, the underwear itself isolates the friction-reducing effect of cycling pants. Not only can sweat not be discharged, it is easy to breed bacteria, but also increase friction, which will cause skin inflammation over time. If it is lace underwear with hard texture or silk underwear with poor moisture absorption, it is even worse.  

However, some girls, because of their usual hygiene habits, always feel uneasy. In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. As long as they change and wash frequently, there will be no hygiene problems. Before long-term and long-distance riding, you can also apply some moisturizer on the inner thighs to reduce friction, or put on talcum powder to reduce sweating and help keep you dry.

Function Of Padded Cycling Pants

The biggest difference in appearance between cycling pants and other fitness pants and leggings is that cycling pants have a trouser pad. It is a product specially designed based on ergonomics for riding comfort and protecting the human pelvis, groin and reproductive organs.  

The main function of cycling pants is to absorb shock, diffuse the pressure of the buttocks, reduce the pressure of the perineum; reduce the friction of the seat on the inner thigh, protect the thigh skin from abrasion; assist in fixing the muscle group to relieve muscle soreness and Fatigue. It also has the functions of moisture absorption and perspiration, reduction of wind resistance, drop resistance and sterilization.  

How To Select Padded Cycling Pants? 

Cycling pants are divided into cycling shorts, cropped cycling pants and cycling trousers according to their length. For girls, there are also riding skirts made into culottes. According to the function, cycling clothes are divided into cycling underwear, waist cycling pants, suspender cycling pants, triathlon cycling pants.

Cycling underwear is worn inside, the outside can be worn on the loose sweatpants for sports, and the rest are worn directly alone. Tunic padded cycling pants are the most common style of cycling pants, simple and relatively cheap. When purchasing, it is best to use a better rope belt, which can be adjusted at will, and the sense of restraint is not so strong.  

It is inconvenient to put on and take off the suspender riding pants, but without the pressure on the abdomen by the waistband of the riding pants, breathing is smoother. It can also help you tighten your waist and back muscles, accumulate energy, and make it easier to exert strength. The sling also has the effect of diversion of sweat. It is the choice of multiple racers and long-distance cyclists. The price is more than 100 yuan more expensive than the same brand and the same level of waist riding pants.

titching pieces for the tailoring ranges from 4, 6 to 8 or more. The more the pieces, the more fit the trousers, but too many pieces will cause too many seams. , General cycling pants are most commonly cut with 8 pieces, and the tailoring is designed to match the characteristics of male and female body types. Good stitches also have the characteristics of high elasticity, which make the pants fit more closely, and they will easily come off when they are pulled. When buying cycling pants, you can also perform a pull test on the stitches.  

The elastic material of the trouser leg includes elastic band and silica gel, etc. The elastic band has a sense of restraint, but it has a price advantage; silica gel has a good touch and is not easy to slide. The disadvantage is that it is not very breathable. The core materials commonly used for trouser pads are silica gel and high-density, high-elasticity sponges. The trouser pads need to have a certain degree of support and elasticity. You can press and feel them repeatedly when you buy them.  

The size of the padded cycling pants should be appropriate, not too tight, let alone loose. Loose cycling clothes will cause the pants pads to shift, not only uncomfortable to wear, but also cause friction on the skin.

How To Wash Padded Cycling Pants?

To ensure good health, of course, you must develop good hygiene habits. The trouser pads of cycling pants are easy to breed bacteria and viruses. Therefore, pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after passing through every day. Although the fabrics and trouser pads of cycling pants have good elasticity, they may also be distorted.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash them by hand. If you must put them in the washing machine, it is best to set the washing machine to gentle mode, and add a laundry bag for washing underwear or sweaters to your cycling pants. The fabric and pads of cycling pants have quick-drying characteristics. Therefore, after washing, you can slightly pinch off the water with your hands, and then dry it. Never use a washing machine to spin dry.

Some riders believe that high temperature is a good way to sterilize, but this is not suitable for cycling pants. Good cycling clothing materials have antibacterial properties. According to scientific research, household washing detergents can completely kill viruses in an environment of 40 degrees Celsius, and high temperature will only damage the fabric and the sponge of the pants. Therefore, below 40 degrees Celsius is the recommended suitable washing temperature.

Regardless of men and women, the crotch is the most vulnerable and pressure-sensitive part of the human body, and it is also the most prone to bacteria and infection. Poor quality cycling pants cannot absorb moisture and perspire and breathe. After a long period of riding, the crotch temperature rises sharply, providing an excellent environment for bacteria to grow, and the impact on health can be imagined. And some impacts are latent and cannot be manifested in time.  

Compared with cars and parts, padded cycling pants, a kind of equipment that is intimate with our skin, does not cost a large proportion, but it is more worthy of our attention and investment. Otherwise, because of the unspeakable pain caused by inferior or inappropriate cycling pants, your interest in cycling will be greatly reduced. Of course, for hip pain during riding, you also need a proper cushion and correct riding posture.

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