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What Is Cationic Fabric? A Good Fabric to Make Sportswear

Release time:2021-02-10

What Is Cationic Fabric?

Cationic fabric is a kind of polyester fabric made by blending polyester yarn with cationic yarn. The two materials are dyed with different dyes, so the fabric will have a two-color effect. This fabric can be used to make sportswear, yoga clothes, seamless clothing and other apparel.

Advantages of Cationic Fabric

A large part of the cationic fabrics is polyester, so the cationic fabric will have the same abrasion resistance and toughness as polyester. The fabric is resistant to pulling and is not prone to permanent deformation, so it does not require too much time to take care of. At the same time, cationic fabrics have a gorgeous color. The biggest difference between this fabric and other fabrics is that it has a two-color effect.

The cation fabric has a moderate feel, and the fabric has good water absorption. Sportswear produced with this fabric can absorb sweat and evaporate in the air. Therefore, after exercise, it will look more refreshing and comfortable, which is the reason why cationic fabrics are used to produce sportswear and yoga wear.

The cation fabric also has the functions of anti-radiation and anti-static. The fabric can shield 99% of ultraviolet rays. The moisture content of the fabric is high, so it is not easy to generate static electricity. In addition, it also has strong corrosion resistance, including acid resistance, oxidation resistance and drift resistance. The fabric also has good antibacterial properties, and this type of fabric generally does not appear to be moldy and spotted.

sportswear made of cationic fabric

Disadvantages of Cationic Fabric

There are basically no shortcomings in cationic fabrics, but the production cost is higher than polyester fabrics, and it is easy to be replaced by yarn-dyed fabrics.

Application of Cationic Fabric

1. The cation fabric has very good water absorption and its dyeing tank difference is relatively small, so it is especially suitable for sports clothes. It is mainly made into sweatshirts, sweatpants, yoga clothes, etc. If the cation fabric is thicker and the brushing effect is very good, it can be made into warm clothes, warm pants, etc.

2. The cationic polyester/spandex jersey is also very environmentally friendly and can be used as an environmentally friendly polyester/spandex fabric.

3. The cation fabric feels soft and comfortable to wear. At the same time, the color is bright, the effect is similar to natural fabrics, and it has good elasticity and hygienic properties. Therefore, the fabric can be used to make high-end underwear, swimwear and sportswear.

sportswear made of cationic fabric

Price of Cationic Fabric

The price of cation fabrics with different parameters varies greatly. The wholesale price of this fabric ranges from more than ten yuan to more than thirty yuan. Therefore, you should ask the sales staff about the price before placing an order.