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What Is Dacron Cloth? A Very Popular Fabric In the 1980s

Release time:2021-03-06

What Is Dacron Cloth?

Dacron cloth, also known as polyester, is a synthetic fabric. Dacron is a very popular garment fabric in the 1980s. It is often used in the production of T-shirts and shirts. At that time, the price even exceeded that of pure cotton. It can be said that it is a symbol of identity in the 1980s. Today, the composition of dacron is not limited to polyester. It includes polyester cotton and cotton wool blended fabrics. Dacron is competitive both in function and price.

dacron cloth

Advantages of Dacron Cloth

Dacron is a kind of fabric with high toughness and strength. Therefore, dacron fabric is not easy to be damaged. At the same time, dacron has good thermoplastic property, so the fabric can keep shape for a long time and the fabric is not easy to deform. Good elasticity is also one of the advantages of Dacron. The fabric can recover after stretching.

Disadvantages of Dacron Cloth

Dacron still has some obvious shortcomings. This kind of cloth is not close to the body, not as soft as cotton. The air permeability of the fabric itself is not good, so it will be much sultry in summer. At the same time, the water absorption of dacron is also relatively general. If you sweat a lot, sweat will adhere to the body, which will affect people's wearing experience. Dacron doesn't keep warm. It needs other warm clothes in winter. Although Dacron has good color fastness, its dyeability is not good, and the dye fiber is not easy to penetrate into the fiber.

Application of Dacron Cloth

In the 1980s, Dacron was mainly used in the production of military uniforms and caps. Today, dacron is used to make shirts and polo shirts.

Maintenance of Dacron Cloth

The fabric of Dacron shirt is made of polyester and cotton. Its strength is several times higher than that of cotton. It is wear-resistant and is welcomed by people. When washing Dacron shirts, the temperature is 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Soap and washing powder can be used. Kneading method or washing machine can be used. However, the key parts of pollution should be treated by brushing method. Rinsing should be thorough. Dehydration can be used.

However, the worst thing about dacron is that it is not close to people. Cotton and wool clothes are more comfortable to wear. After all, dacron is a chemical fiber product. To put it to the extreme, it's like wrapping some breathable plastic cloth.

Dacron has been popular for more than 10 years. By the early 1980s, it began to decline. On the one hand, compared with cotton, its disadvantages are recognized by more and more people. More importantly, there are more polyester cotton blended fabrics, and the composition of cotton is also more and more. Up to now, many cotton fabrics have some polyester in them.