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What Is Ecological Cotton? Misunderstood As Green Cotton

Release time:2021-02-17

What Is Ecological Cotton? 

When you see the word "ecological cotton", what do you associate with it? We investigated 100 consumers, and more than 90% of them mistook it as a natural, green and environment-friendly pure cotton material.

There are two types of ecological cotton: one is polypropylene spray cotton, the other is new type of green environmental protection warm cotton developed by DuPont. It is made of corn sugar fiber. The fabric structure is complex and is filled with various fiber materials, which greatly improves the overall performance of the fabric. Here, I introduce the polypropylene spray cotton.

Eco-cotton is a chemical fiber material, a kind of ultra-fine polypropylene meltblown fiber. This material is generally used as a warm layer for clothing or quilts, and has the characteristics of lightness, thinness, softness, warmth, breathability, and moisture permeability.

Eco-cotton is a kind of material commonly used in the production of bedding or as a lining. But ecological cotton generally does not contain cotton, and its main component is chemical fiber (ultra-fine polypropylene meltblown fiber). The current production and processing technology of ecological cotton has been very mature, and the ecological cotton produced now is more warm and healthy.

Advantages of Ecological Cotton

After a series of processing, the warmth retention of eco-cotton has far exceeded that of ordinary pure cotton. This fiber adopts a multilayer fiber structure. In addition to keeping warm, it can also play a role in buffering and anti-radiation. These features are not available in pure cotton. In addition, eco-cotton also has excellent breathability.

Clothes or quilts made of this material are breathable and not stuffy. In addition, eco-cotton has a lighter texture and is very comfortable and does not feel heavy. Finally, eco-cotton has better durability. It is not easy to deform under the action of water washing or external force, and it is not easy to breed bacteria if it is not used for a long time.

Disadvantages of Ecological Cotton

The eco-cotton itself has no major flaws. Other pollutants may be generated during the processing of the cloth, so waste disposal is sufficient.

Price of Ecological Cotton

The raw materials of eco-cotton are easy to obtain and can be regenerated. Therefore, the price of eco-cotton is also very low. The wholesale price of fabric per square meter is basically within 10 yuan. Consumers can go to the wholesale website to buy according to their needs.

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