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What Is Hanfu? What’s the Best Fabric for Hanfu?

Release time:2021-02-25

What is hanfu? What’s the best hanfu fabric?

Hanfu, whose full name is "Han nationality traditional costume", is a unique ancient costume in China. Hanfu, it does not refer to the clothing of the Han Dynasty, but refers to the traditional clothing of the Han nationality. Before the end of Ming Dynasty, Hanfu was very popular. According to time statistics, Hanfu has been popular for more than 4000 years in the 5000-year history of ancient China.

hanfu fabric

Although we rarely see people wearing this kind of clothes in our daily life or work, the number of Hanfu Lovers has increased significantly in recent years. We can see Hanfu in some scenic spots or universities. There are many kinds of Hanfu, and their qualities are also different. Fabric is the key factor to determine the quality of Hanfu. The price of Hanfu made of different materials can vary a lot. What is the best fabric for Hanfu?

Hanfu Fabric: Polyester

Polyester is a kind of fabric commonly used in Hanfu production. Polyester has outstanding performance in wear resistance and dyeing. Chiffon fabric is also made of polyester, and chiffon is also very suitable for Hanfu production. At the same time, the price of polyester is cheaper than the price. The price of this kind of Hanfu is about 100 to 200 yuan.

Hanfu Fabric: Tencel

Tencel cloth is made of wood fiber. First of all, this natural fiber has a similar handle to cotton and a drapability comparable to that of real silk. These characteristics make Tencel very suitable for Hanfu with higher drapability requirements. Secondly, Tencel fabric is light and has excellent moisture absorption and air permeability. The price of Tencel Hanfu will be higher than that of polyester Hanfu.

Hanfu Fabric: Satin

Satin cloth is a kind of cloth with smooth surface and good luster, which is often used in the production of performance clothes, formal dresses and other clothing. Of course, it is also suitable for the production of Hanfu. Satin fabric also has good drapability, and this kind of fabric is not easy to pilling and wrinkle.

Hanfu Fabric: Yarn

Common yarns are Korean yarn, organza, etc. We all know that good drapability is the characteristic of this kind of yarn. The raw material for producing Organza can be polyester or silk, which is softer than polyester, but the price is much more expensive. How to choose can be combined with your own budget.

The above several kinds of fabrics are commonly used to make Hanfu. In contrast, Tiansi Hanfu has more advantages.