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What is Seamless Underwear?

Release time:2019-02-28

Are you worried about the visible panty line under your formal pants or slacks? Traditional underwear always has many side lines after sewing. Seamless underwear and seamless clothing solve this problem. It also has the advantages of breathable, elastic, shape building, cost saving, etc. Then, what is seamless underwear?


What seamless underwear is

Can you picture “a cylindric sock” in your mind? Seamless underwear could be imagined as a super large columnar sock, there are no sewing lines or cutting lines around the torso except for the arms and legs, no seam on both sides of the waist, no seam on both sides of the underwear.

Seamless underwear usually refers to seamless panties, seamless bras and seamless shapewear. It is a kind of one-time shaping seamless clothing manufactured by circular knitting machines. Unlike ordinary underwear, seamless underwear is made directly from yarn rather than lamellate fabric. (To see how to make seamless underwear)

The commonly used yarn materials of seamless underwear include nylon yarn, polyester yarn, spandex yarn, cotton yarn, etc. These yarns knit in the interior of clothing in order of longitude and latitude. After knitting, they will be sent for dyeing, simple sewing and packaging.

Wearers love seamless underwear for the reason that they can be forgiving, non-restrictive and they are not binding. The dearth of seams gives improved ease and comfort as the body moves.

what does seamless underwear mean?


What does seamless underwear mean?

According to Wikipedia, “Underwear” is “Clothes worn next to the skin, underneath outer clothing”. 

So, we can define Seamless Underwear (In French, called "sous-vêtements sans couture") Meaning as: Seamless knitting clothes worn next to the skin, underneath other clothing, and are made by circular knitting machine with seamless technology. There is no seamed lines around the main body of the underwear as above picture shows.


Is seamless underwear completely seamless?

The answer is “NO”.

Basically, all clothing needs to be sewn, which inevitably results in more or less sewing lines.

“Seamless” is relative to the concept of “Seamed”. Its main body is entire and seamless. The crotch of panties, the limbs of tops, the straps of bras all need to be sewn primitively.


Seamless and seamed part of seamless underwear

So, once you find some seam lines on the seamless underwear you just bought, never say that an underwear shop is a fraud. He is really wronged!


Advantages of seamless underwear:

      1) Future trends: Less seams, it saves a lot of embarrassment. Seamless underwear also has the features of body-building, comfort, anti-microbial, suitable for fitness. These conform to the people who pursuit of a healthy, comfortable lifestyle. Seamless underwear will become the mainstream of the future underwear industry, with very high commercial value.

      2) Cost saving: The labor cost and the rent cost of the factory increased year by year, which can be said to be the biggest expenditure of the fitness apparel manufacturers. Seamless underwear is mainly made by seamless knitting machine. It can save up to 30% on the cost of producing a cut-and-sew underwear.

      3) Consistent quality: Seamless knitting technology began to develop in the 1990s, has been a mature process. Although computer can't replace human brain, its stable, precise and strong information processing ability is unmatched by human brain. The seamless knitting machine controlled by computer can produce continuously, stably, accurately and large-batch clothes with lower defect rate. 

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