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What Is Seersucker Fabric? A Fabric With Small Bumps

Release time:2021-03-15

What Is Seersucker Fabric?

Seersucker refers to a type of fabric with small bumps on the cloth surface. This type of fabric is generally made of cotton as the base material and then processed through a series of processes (the fabric puffs and shrinks when it meets alkali). It can be used to make pajamas, children's wear, blouses, dresses, bedspreads and other products.

Seersucker fabric is a fabric with special appearance and style characteristics among cotton fabrics, which is processed by light and thin muslin. The cloth surface presents evenly dense small bubbles with unevenness. It is not close to the body and has a cool feeling when worn. It is suitable for women's summer clothes.

The advantage of clothes made of seersucker is that you don't need to iron after washing, but the disadvantage is that the bubbles will gradually flatten after multiple scrubbing. Especially when washing, it is not advisable to use hot water to soak, nor to scrub and twist vigorously, so as not to affect the bubble fastness.

what is seersucker fabric

What Is Seersucker Fabric: Classification of Seersucker

1. According to the principle of forming bubbles, seersucker is mainly divided into weaving seersucker, alkali shrunk seersucker and so on.

2. According to different printing and dyeing methods, it can be divided into dyed seersucker, printed seersucker, and yarn-dyed seersucker.

what is seersucker fabric

What Is Seersucker Fabric: Advantages of Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker fabric has a hand-feel comparable to that of pure cotton. The good breathability makes the clothes feel cool after being put on. Coupled with the good skin-friendly nature of the fabric itself, it is more suitable for the production of women's or baby clothes. Seersucker itself has been treated with anti-wrinkle treatment, so the clothes do not need to be ironed after washing, and the care is simple and does not take much time. Finally, the price of seersucker is generally not high, and the price of this type of product is affordable for every consumer.

What Is Seersucker Fabric: Disadvantages of Seersucker Fabric

Like cotton, seersucker can only be washed in cold water. Warm water will damage the wrinkles of the fabric. After the fabric is used for a long time, the wrinkles of the fabric will gradually be worn out, which will greatly affect the appearance of the clothes.

What Is Seersucker Fabric: Price of Seersucker Fabric

The price of seersucker for different production materials and production processes is different, and the wholesale price ranges from seven or eight yuan to more than thirty yuan per square meter. Here are two more popular seersuckers in China.

What Is Seersucker Fabric: Pure Color Bubble Wrinkle Fabric

The main component of this fabric is polyester fiber. The width of the fabric is 150cm. The fabric is soft and comfortable with slight elasticity. It is breathable and cool and suitable for the production of dresses, shirts and tops. The wholesale price of the fabric is 21 yuan per square meter.

What Is Seersucker Fabric: Linen Cotton Bubble Wrinkle Fabric

This seersucker is made of cotton and linen blended fabric. The width of the fabric is 145cm. The fabric is thin and has a moderate feel. It can be used to produce cardigans, pants and pillows. The wholesale price of the fabric is 30 yuan per square meter.