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What Properties Should the Fabrics Used in Clothing Production Have?

Release time:2019-11-04

There are 3 performances that the clothing and seamless underwear fabrics should have.

1, Good appearance.

Quality garment textile fabrics should be able to meet people's increasingly high decorative aesthetic requirements. That is, it should have elegant luster, comfortable touch, the dyeing of fabrics, the shaping of clothes and the maintenance of the form should be high, to be able to show personality, interests, aesthetic standards and quality cultivation, to achieve the appearance of beauty, inner comfort and popularity requirements, eye-catching.

2, Good health care performance

Textile fabrics to meet the needs of health care, effective protection of the body. It has excellent heat preservation or heat dissipation, heat conduction, breathability, moisture absorption, moisture conduction, radiation resistance, anti-contamination, waterproof, fire prevention, anti-virus and other properties; It resists skin irritation, feels unfettered and moves freely. In addition, the weight should also be appropriate.

3, Economic and practical.

Clothing fabrics should meet the requirements of people's etiquette, friendship, moral and ethical customs, habits and other requirements, suitable for activities, recreation and sports entertainment, improve the quality of life. It is soft, comfortable, breathable and practical, high wet strength, durable and easy to maintain.