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Why To Wear Wedding Shapewear? 4 Methods To Match Wedding Dress


Do You Need Wedding Shapewear When Wearing Wedding Dress?

Know Your Size  

Face up to your body and believe that you are beautiful. Take this as the premise to choose underwear again!    

Take Underwear To Choose Wedding Dress  

Decide your underwear style in advance. Don’t rush to place an order when you see your favorite wedding dress. Choose the matching underwear and try the wedding dress again. (this is very important for a bride who rents a wedding dress)

Not Everyone Needs a Tunic  

Tunic is completely dispensable, and even some wedding dress is not suitable for tunic. If you never wear a tunic, don’t follow suit blindly. If you really feel the need, you must give yourself a week to adapt!     

Consider Whether To Sew The Cup Into The Wedding Dress  

For small and thin brides, sewing the cup into the wedding dress is the choice to reduce the burden, and it can also be used with chest stickers.

Matching Methods Of Wedding Dress And Wedding Shapewear    

Bra Wedding Dress With Strapless Wedding Shapewear  

The bra style wedding dress must match the strapless wedding shapewear! Here I remind the bride: when choosing strapless body shaping clothes, you should pay attention to the height of the front and back, which must not exceed the wedding dress, otherwise it will be very embarrassing!     

Slim Wedding Dress With Seamless Body Shaping Underwear  

Slim style wedding dress will make the bride look very tall and in great shape. For example, seamless body shaping clothes can also make the bride’s upper body stand out, which has a very good self-cultivation effect, so it is especially suitable for matching with small tail and fishtail style dresses. The bride must pay attention to the smooth and natural waist line when choosing body shaping clothes!

A-Shape Wedding Dress With Seamless Wedding Shapewear  

Seamless long wedding shapewear with long jumpers can tighten all the body shape and set off beautiful lines. A-shaped wedding dress should be more suitable. What A-shaped wedding dress pays most attention to is the line of modifying the waist, highlighting the skirt, abdomen and belly of the lower body, making the chest appear tall and straight, and the waist slim and slender.     

Slim Dress With Slim Pants  

Many brides will choose slim dress when taking wedding photos, in order to achieve the most beautiful effect. Generally, brides will choose to wear tights, which are divided into long tights, medium tights and short tights. The bride can choose wedding shapewear according to the length of wedding dress.

What’s The Difference Between Wedding Shapewear And Ordinary Underwear?

Wedding Shapewear 

wedding shapewear is a combination of ergonomics, human mechanics, textile science, modern computer technology, and through scientific tailoring and design, it is healthy and environmentally friendly, suitable for women to wear for a long time. Generally, it has adjustable bra, shorts, five bundle pants, long bundle pants, waist clip, long sleeve waist clip, waist, one-piece clothes, etc.

Body underwear can guide the growth direction of fat, return the lost, displaced and sagging fat, strengthen the effect of sweating and massage, promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, help lymph detoxification, and make fat burn, decompose and disappear. Long term wearing can make the body fat exist reasonably, distribute evenly according to the “golden ratio” of the body, and repair the deformed body regularly, so as to reshape the charming three circumference curve and keep the beautiful body for life.

Ordinary Underwear  

Ordinary underwear, such as suspender vest, vest, wrapped chest and European bra, are called ordinary underwear, which can only cover up shame and ugliness and keep warm without any shaping curve.

Does Wearing Wedding Shapewear Affect Your Health?  

Some medical experts pointed out that wearing wedding shapewear for a long time can cause dyspnea, headache, chest tightness, lower limb acidosis, etc., which can lead to many hidden diseases. If the body shaping underwear is too tight, it will also affect the blood circulation, cause insufficient blood supply to the body, and oppress the kidney, spleen, liver, stomach, intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity, making the internal organs and nervous system in a tense state for a long time and leading to gastrointestinal digestion. It can cause constipation.

 Wearing body shaping clothes often can cause harm to human body. Because tight underwear makes vaginal secretions accumulate, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases; the strong binding effect of body seamless shaping clothes directly affects the blood circulation of many parts of the body, thus affecting the normal breathing movement and causing dyspnea.

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