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Nearly half of the British Girls didn’t Want to Sport because of Chest Pain caused by Wearing Wrong Sport Bras

Release time:2018-06-26

According to "Daily Mail" from England on Jan. 20th, th […]

According to "Daily Mail" from England on Jan. 20th, the Breast Health Research Group of the University of Portsmouth, aged 11 to 17 years’ old, about 2,000 female students. It was found that nearly half of the school female students don’t want to sport because of chest pain. 

During the period of female students’ development, faced of the embarrassment of breast growth and the pain while excising, most of the female students are unwilling to exercise. In addition, most of the them don't know what size of the sports bra they should wear. Among them a lot of them are wearing inappropriate bras. 

The Breast Health Research Group said, as long as you wear the right sports bra, you can avoid chest pain while excising. Sports Bra is helpful to reduce the chest sloshing motion, avoid the bosom down. School should take breast protection education, popularize knowledge of related breast, thereby improving female students' enthusiasm to sports, ensure the physical health.