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Reasonable and reasonable cleaning

Release time:2018-08-03

Reasonable and reasonable cleaning and finishing of sea […]

Reasonable and reasonable cleaning and finishing of seamless sports bra
Soak the sports underwear with warm water and appropriate amount of laundry liquid; after 5 minutes, rub it with your hands. Lightly press; rinse the laundry with water.
After washing, do not use the washing machine to dehydrate, or use a dryer to bake; but use a hand towel to absorb water, then open the sports underwear, keep the original shape, use the clothespin to clamp the steel ring, hang in a cool and ventilated place to dry , remember not to expose to the sun. In this way, the cup can be kept out of shape.
After drying the sports underwear, the cup part of the bra should be kept in the original shape, and the underwear is rolled into a roller shape and placed in a dry closet.