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Seamless women's features

Release time:2018-07-06

The following are the main features and advantages of s […]

The following are the main features and advantages of seamless clothing
The edge of the women's wear can not see the traces of women's clothing, it is a concept of no trace, it is no trace of women's clothing. The so-called "seamless women's dress" is a one-piece women's wear made by weft-knitted method using novel special equipment. It uses the high-tech technology of producing high-elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and high-elastic sportswear to make the neck and waist. No seams are required for parts such as hips.
In the design of the style, only the relevant parts of the clothing need to be patched as a subsequent process. It combines comfort, thoughtfulness, fashion and change, not only for consumers to put it down. Seamless women's wear has always been a part of the European and American clothing women's clothing industry. With its small cut, less seams and close-fitting comfort, it has always been favored by female friends. In the market, the price of seamless women's clothing is also included in the high unit price.