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Warp knitting seamless garment production technology

Release time:2018-12-08

Women-seamless seamless clothing refers to a formed bob […]

Women-seamless seamless clothing refers to a formed bobbin-type garment produced on a warp knitting double-needle bed computer Jacquard warp knitting machine. It does not need seams in the neck, waist, buttocks, etc. It is comfortable, caring, fashionable and changeable.

[Structural seamless production technology] refers to a type of knitting production technology of warp-knitted full-knitted knitwear produced on a full-computer double-needle bed Jaka warp knitting machine equipped with two rows of back-to-back parallel needle beds. Most of the knitting needles of this type of double needle bed type are individually woven on the respective needle bed to form a loop, and the partial knitting needles are woven together together on the two needle beds to reach the back and forth of the fabric or the stitching effect.