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A unique “Worriless production” system in compression clothing manufacturing area.

What you can get with B.D.Seamless:
1) Total 3 progress reports in 3 different production stages-On time delivery;
2) Total 5 quality inspections in the production process-Consistent quality;
3) 100% feedback within 7 hours – Never lose touch;
4) Conserve your 10% more costs & 10% more time to boost your business.

Would you like to possess your very own private label compression garments in bulk? If yes, then you definitely have come to the right place. B.D.Seamless is a top-level compression clothing manufacturer which specializes in creating customized compression underwear and compression tights. Being a golden service compression clothes wholesaler, with an unique “Worriless Production” system, we make sure providing the personalized apparel produced according to your choices to anyplace in the world at suitable costs.

Wholesale compression clothing manufacturer.

B.D.Seamless’s compression clothes are made of high quality synthetic supplies, mature seamless knitting technology, conforming on comfort, durability, versatility and breath-ability.

Supporting Effect of Wholesale Compression Clothing

Compression clothing manufacturers use higher spandex content in the production process, and the first feeling after the upper body when people wearing those compression garments is tight elasticity. It can compress and support muscles, and can fix our muscles and joints during exercise/workout, especially during aerobic exercise.

In the gym, many people will combine aerobic and anaerobic, such as running first and then strength training. In exercise, especially intense aerobic exercise, the fat jitter caused by the activity can easily lead to damage to body tissues, joints, etc., and even injuries, and compression garments can just reduce the vibration caused by exercise.

In addition, in some exercises of fitness, compression clothing can also give the body a certain support effect and reduce the risk of injury. Some professional custom compression garments will also be designed for the corresponding position.

4 Benefits of Custom Compression Garments Made by Specialized Compress Clothing Manufacturer

1, Help Maintain The Best Muscle Temperature Of The Human Body

The reason for the fabric used by dry. Compression pants generally have good juice drainage and quick-drying characteristics. It can quickly drain the water on the skin surface and quickly evaporate. By accelerating the process of perspiration, to achieve the effect of cooling and dissipating heat, it can keep the skin during exercise in a relatively dry state.

In addition, thanks to their good quick-drying properties added by compression clothing manufacturers, compression tops and pants also help maintain the best muscle temperature of the human body. During exercise, the increase in temperature leads to a decrease in exercise performance. The main way the human body cools the body is through the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the skin, and compression pants can better continue this process, so as to achieve the effect of temperature control.

2, Comfort

Although custom compression clothing put pressure on some parts, they are cut to fit better and have less friction. Especially when doing squats and other movements with a large range of movements, compression clothes will not become an obstacle to you, on the contrary, it can give a certain support effect.

3, Better Recovery

For most people, its recovery effect may be a more direct experience.

Compression garments can apply different pressures on different parts of the body to accelerate blood circulation and accelerate the delivery of oxygen to the exercise muscles. On the one hand, it helps to increase athletic performance during exercise. On the other hand, it can accelerate the dissolution of lactic acid, reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, and accelerate the recovery of the body.

Especially when trying a new training program, the training site often feels more sore. Therefore, it is recommended to wear custom compression clothing during the rest time after exercise to improve the recovery status and put into the next program as soon as possible.

4, Increase Proprioception

Some studies have shown that compression clothing can enhance the body’s own sensory function during exercise, which is proprioception. Simply put, proprioception can tell you the exact position of your muscles.

So in fitness, if you can’t find the feeling of muscle movement, you can try to wear compression garments to improve the exercise effect.

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