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What is custom sports headband? It also called workout sweatband headband, it is a knitting hair band with all-way stretch. The usual mix of ingredients are: Nylon+ Spandex, Polyester+ Spandex, Cotton+ Nylon+ Spandex, Nylon+ Polyester+ Spandex. All with Moisture-wicking fabrics.

There are fewer sewing lines or cutting lines around the personalized sports headbands, no seam or less seam on both sides of the appearance.

What Are The 5 Benefits Of Custom Sports Headband?

The original function of workout headband is to fix the hair of women, prevent the hair from covering the eyes, and prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes. 

  1. Fix the long hair to prevent the hair from covering the eyes and make the field of vision more open.
  2. It has a good sweat absorption function. The head sweats a lot during strenuous exercise or runing, basketball palying, football playing, tennis playing and the temperature is quite different from the outside temperature. Wearing a sports sun hat will make you feel stuffy, so sports headband becomes the best choice.
  3. In football matches, the athletes often take off and compete for the top, the wider  custom football headband is easy to slip off to cover the eyes during the top contest, so the headband of football players will be thinner.
  4.  Wholesale athletic headbands most often in NBA basketball games. It can be said that wearing the custom basketball headbandhas become a culture of African-American NBA players. In addition to the effect of absorbing sweat, African-American players have a higher hairline. After wearing a headband, it really helps to improve the player’s “look”.
  5. Protect against cold. For example, you sweat when you run, right? Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, once sweating or a little wind blows on your forehead, you will get cold, and the sports headband wholesale directly protects your forehead from cold.custom sports headband manufacturers

Custom sports headband for men and women will be your second-skin for its comfortable, flexible, breathable and lightweight. Find us to custom your own private logo headbands in bulk!

Styles Of Custom Sports Headband

Customized sweat headbands can be divided into narrow strips, Wide strips and Wrap head according to designs.

Custom sports headband wholesale manufacturers

  1. Narrow strip design: used on the forehead or at the hair root of the head drape to separate the head drape. It has high convenience, however, the hair binding impact is weak, and the sweat absorption is smaller sized.
  2. Wide strip design: it can cover nearly the whole forehead, has a great sweat absorption result and can separate the head drape. The pressure location is big. If you use it long-lasting, your hair is simple to alter, and there are apparent indications of creasing.
  3. Wrap head design: cover the whole front head hair within, the hair binding result is the very best, and it is ornamental. It has a higher impact on the head drape pressure and severe modifications in the hairdo.

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