Custom Sports Bra and Shorts Set Wholesale

Sports Bra and Shorts Sets Wholesale Manufacturer Since 1997

A unique Worriless Production system in workout bra and gym shorts set manufacturing area.

What you get with B.D.Seamless:

1) Total 3 progress reports in 3 different production stages insure on-time delivery;
2) Total 5 quality inspections in the production process insure consistent quality;
3) 100% feedback within 1 day – Never lose touch.

Existing 100+ Stock Blank Fitness Apparel Without Logo/Brand.

Including workout leggings, sports bra, women’s & men’s tank tops, gym wear sets, shorts, capri, compression clothing, and T shirts. 

Sports Bra and Shorts Set Wholesale Benefits

1, Strong breathability and moisture absorption

The fabric adopts high-tech perspiration processing technology, which absorbs sweat quickly, has good air permeability, and changes quickly between absorption. Sweat absorption and air permeability are five times that of ordinary cotton, and it is an ideal close-fitting fabric , Enjoys the reputation of “human second skin”, it is the most ideal and practical fabric for the production of gym bra and fitness shorts, custom fitness apparel.

2, Refreshing and comfortable

Stick the material containing the same amount of moisture on the plastic board, and then see how much force is needed to tear it off, and compare it to understand whether it will stick to the skin. After such a test, It is known that the high-grade eco-friendly cotton made by Yuanyang Yoga will not stick to the skin even when sweating.

3, High flexibility and elasticity

Because the fiber itself has a soft feeling, it shows greater elasticity when subjected to the same pressure than other materials.

4, Strong warmth and breathability

Because of the specially designed mesh weave, it can effectively control the diffusion of body temperature, so it has a very good warmth keeping effect in winter; and because of the excellent breathability, it does not stick to the body and is not uncomfortable. The sensation makes it refreshing when worn in summer; therefore, it will not be affected by daily activities and can be worn for a long time.

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