Silver Ion Technology Underwear Manufacturer- Silver Yarn Knitted Inside

Silver Underwear Manufacturer, Seamless Knitting Technology

How we help:
The 1st Worriless production system provider in Seamless Silver Ion Underwear manufacturing area in China.

What you get with B.D.Seamless:
1) Total 3 progress reports in 3 different production stages-On time delivery;
2) Total 5 quality inspections through production-Consistent quality;
3) 100% feedback within 1 day – Never lose touch;
4) Conserve your 10% more costs & 10% more time to boost your business.

Silver Ion Underwear: The most relaxed, comfortable, flexible, odorless and technologically innovative underwear in the world. Fighting microbes, regulating temperatures and cutting down sweat.
We don’t know how other products infuse silver into underwear fabric, maybe it’s just words. Our seamless knitted silver underwear is made of real silver yarn with seamless knitting technology. With this, we produce real fabrics with silver ions by ourselves directly instead of outsourcing.
Silver is naturally thermo-regulating and antimicrobial. It can be a steel that will by natural means be extracted from the earth. There won’t be any synthetic chemical compounds within 99% pure silver, and it truly is of course poisonless. Of all metals identified to human, silver is understood for staying essentially the most efficient reflector along with the greatest electrical, and thermal conductor. A biocidal result that controls microbial progress and kills microorganisms with silver ions.
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