Gymshark Manufacturer China

As a popular and fashion brand from the United Kingdom, “Gymshark” has a large scale of enthusiastic fans.
They have many suppliers over the world help them produce and OEM their designs. Most of the Gymshark manufacturers come from China.

What is seamless underwear

What is Seamless Underwear?

Are you worried about the visible panty line under your formal pants or slacks? Traditional underwear always has many sidelines after sewing. Seamless underwear and seamless clothing solve this problem. It also has the advantages of breathable, elastic, shape building, cost-saving, etc. Then, what is seamless underwear? Let’s find the answer from the seamless underwear manufacturer’s …

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How to Make Seamless Underwear?

The manufacturing process of seamless underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It perfectly combined mechanical knitting and manual sewing techniques. This method greatly improves production efficiency and reduces material loss. You might wonder: How do they make seamless underwear? Now, B.D.Seamless- a specialized seamless clothing manufacturer will show you how seamless underwear and seamless clothing are …

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