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Opening A Clothes Shop:How To Sell The Same Thing At a Higher Price?


Is opening a clothes shop profitable? Here are 6 strategies to help you sell the same product at a higher price.

Opening A Clothes Shop: Choose The Right Position

The position is equivalent to the birthplace of the daughter, and it is easy to marry well if you are born well.

The same bottle of water can only be sold at RT-Mart and Wal-Mart for 1.2-1.5 yuan; but if it is placed at the railway station, it is 2-3 yuan; if it is placed at tourist attractions, it is 3-5 yuan; if we place it at five-star hotel? Is it 5-10 yuan? What if it is a desert? Is it possible to sell at sky-high prices?

The selling price varies greatly in different locations. How to choose the right position?

Where customers need one by one!

A place that is convenient for customers!

One place with many high-quality customers!!!


Opening A Clothes Shop: Packaging And Displaying Good Products

The packaging is equivalent to the dress of the daughter, and it is easier to marry well if you dress well.

Customers must find the value of clothes if they are well packaged and displayed. It is normal for the same clothes to be displayed well and sold several times higher.

How to show good clothes?

Use high shelves one by one. Low shelves make clothes look low-end and cheap.

Use high-grade hangers one by one.

Keep about 10 cm between the hangers. Too close can make people feel that the clothes are too stocked or difficult to sell.

Use high-end and high-quality accessories one by one.

Use good quality models one by one.

Use bright and soft light.

opening a clothes shop

Opening A Clothes Shop: Choose A High-Quality Customer

Are you kidding me? Thank God if someone buys it, you are still picking customers!!!

Yes, pick up customers. Picking is equivalent to a daughter’s circle of friends and social circle. If her circle of friends is full of gangsters and hooligans, who wants to marry her?

Every seamless clothing wholesale store has a variety of customers. If you want to continue to sell profitably for a long time, you must make a choice. Anyone who wants to do business will definitely do nothing.

Birds of a feather flock together. To firmly grasp high-end and high-quality customers and provide better services, we will definitely do better. The lowest-end customers always care about the price, that is, it is difficult to service and earns less, so they can give up appropriately to save more service costs.

Secret: Doing subtraction is a shortcut to professionalism. The more professional, the more profitable it will be.

Give up the specials and low-end clothing in the store! Give up the products that have fallen in price and attract low-end customers. (opening a clothes shop)

Opening A Clothes Shop: The More Professional And Distinctive, The More Profitable

Some examples:

Shunfeng, is it the most expensive and profitable express delivery?

Zhou Hei Ya, is it very expensive, several times more expensive than the vegetable market, huge profits, right?

Nongfu Spring’s bottled water, 25 a bucket, is several times more expensive than other bottled water, right?

Oppo mobile phones are profitable, right? It is recognized that there is no price-performance ratio. It can take pictures, charge, and appearance. These features are irresistible temptations for beauty.

The more professional, the more distinctive, the more profitable, and the same is true for clothing. Taobao’s No. 1 “Mr. Cheongsam” was quickly picked up by virtue of its characteristics and expertise.

Many clothing stores specialize in foreign trade original orders, cheongsams, and dresses. As long as they make special features, they will inevitably make huge profits and increase sales.

Ordinary clothing brands generally only have a dozen dresses, but if we make hundreds of dresses, we will look more professional and distinctive. The price will be much higher, and we will still be profitable and sell more. (opening a clothes shop)

Opening A Clothes Shop: Learn Pricing Strategy

Will not set prices and a lot of profits will be wasted in vain. If you don’t know how to set a price, it’s equivalent to not talking about dowry when you marry your daughter.

For example, we bought 100 silk scarves at a cost of 18 yuan/piece. How to price it?

Many people will set 36 yuan/bar; some people think that since it is going to make a huge profit, it will be tripled! 54 yuan/piece.

It’s all wrong.

First of all, it cannot be priced at cost; second, the mantissa should end with 8 or 9; and third, it cannot be all prices.

How can it be more effective? Secret: Determined by value.

This kind of silk scarf, in a shopping mall, how do you choose the same material? Can it be profitable and sell more?

Divide the products into at least three grades: 108, 168, 198 or 108, 168, 238 or 68, 78, 108. With this pricing, the middle price will sell well, and customers will not be too expensive. When making comparisons, only compare shopping malls with big brands, and never mention low-end stores. ( opening a clothes shop)

Opening A Clothes Shop: The More You Dare To Sell, The More Profitable

That’s right! The more you dare to sell, the more profitable you are.

For many bosses, the biggest bottleneck is themselves. They dare not sell, have no self-confidence, have no courage, and cannot sell at high prices. There are too many bosses like this, they don’t have any technical content, and they don’t want to improve. They will only fight price wars forever.

There are also two types of shopping guides. One is the one who likes and is good at selling at high prices and high discounts; and most shopping guides are the second, who like and desperately sell products at low prices and discounts.

In 2008, when I opened my first big store in Guangzhou, I sold three times price, and the business was very busy. Later I sold for 7-10 times, and the business became so fierce that there were three big stores in one street.

In 2013, I did another very strange thing. I transferred to a store but did not purchase the goods, and the price of many products increased a lot, some were several times higher. But the performance went up in a hurry!!! The boss saw that the performance went up, so he broke the contract and did it himself. As a result, it fell to the original price to sell it, and the performance plummeted again.

Really, the more you dare to sell, the more profitable you are. Do you want to have a team that dares to sell profitably but can make huge profits and quicker sales?

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