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Can Compression Garments Really Improve Athletic Performance?


Many people wear compression garments for running and fitness. However, whether compression garments can promote physical recovery is indeed a lot of controversies. Can compression garments really improve athletic performance as compression clothing manufacturers and retailers say? The effect of the compression garment is to increase the exercise capacity by applying pressure to specific parts of the body, accelerating blood circulation and providing more oxygen to the muscles.

Do Compression Garments Really Work?

In 2013, a paper used the method of “meta-analysis” (the process of collating all research data to increase the sample size, so as to achieve more effective statistical inference) to count the previous relevant survey research, including-12 papers research statistics, a total of 205 athletes; the research includes tests on different brands of compression garments; the research measures DOMS, muscle strength, and creatine kinase (creatine kinase can significantly increase after exercise) and other response recovery degree of relevant data.

The final conclusion shows that wearing compression garments can effectively reduce the severity of DOMS, accelerate the recovery of muscle function, and reduce the concentration of creatine kinase (CK) after strenuous exercise; wearing compression garments after exercise can effectively improve the recovery ability. The effect has a certain degree of influence on elite or amateur athletes.


1, Assist in Maintain The Very Best Muscle Temperature Level Of The Body

Compression trousers typically have excellent juice drain and quick-drying attributes. By speeding up the procedure of sweating, to attain the result of cooling and dissipating heat, it can keep the skin throughout the workout in a fairly dry state.

In addition, thanks to their great quick-drying residential or commercial properties, compression trousers likewise assist keep the very best muscle temperature level of the body. Throughout the workout, the boost in temperature level causes a reduction in workout efficiency. The primary method body cools the body is through the evaporation of sweat on the surface of the skin, and compression trousers can much better continue this procedure, so regarding accomplish the impact of temperature level control.

2, Convenience

Compression trousers put pressure on some parts, they are cut to fit much better and have less friction. Particularly when doing squats and other motions with a big series of motions, compression underclothing will not end up being a barrier to you, on the contrary, it can provide a particular assistance impact.

3, Better Healing

For the majority of people, its healing impact might be a more direct experience.

Compression garments can use various pressures on various parts of the body to speed up blood flow and speed up the shipment of oxygen to the workout muscles. On the one hand, it assists to increase athletic efficiency throughout the workout. On the other hand, it can speed up the dissolution of lactic acid, decrease the build-up of lactic acid, and speed up the healing of the body.

Specifically, when attempting a brand-new training program, the training website frequently feels more aching. It is advised to use compression garments throughout the rest time after a workout to enhance the healing status and put them into the next program as quickly as possible.

4, Boost Proprioception

Some research studies have actually revealed that compression trousers can boost the body’s own sensory function throughout the workout, which is proprioception. Put simply, proprioception can inform you the precise position of your muscles.

In physical fitness, if you can’t discover the sensation of muscle motion, you can attempt to use compression garments to enhance the workout result.

Do I Need To Wear Compression Garments For High-Intensity Functional Training?

Compression garments is preferred for high-intensity training, which is more expensive than tights. But ordinary training tights are sufficient. In addition to the wrapping and support for the formation of muscle groups, compression garments pay more attention to the defense and recovery functions brought by fixed-point compression to sports injuries, minimize soft tissue damage caused by muscle vibration, reduce delayed muscle soreness, and speed up body recovery.

Is The Compression Garment Tighter The Better?

In our impression, we always think that the tighter the compression garment, the better, and the tighter the body wraps, the more effective it is, but this is not the case. At present, most compression brands are claiming that their compression garments have a greater compression function. This statement itself is wrong. The goal of the compression garment is to compress accurately and apply the right compression force at the right position. If it is too tight, it will hinder blood circulation and bring about the opposite effect.



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