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How To Wash Polo Shirts? How to Stack Polo Shirts Without Deformation?


How to wash polo shirts? How to hang polo shirts after washing? How to stack polo shirts without deformation?

Polo shirts were originally called tennis shirts. They were originally worn by the nobles when they played polo. Perhaps because of their comfort, they liked to wear short-sleeved clothes with collars. Over time, it was called a “polo shirt”, and later it became popular among the public. Finally, it evolved into general casual clothing. Many boys like to wear branded or blank polo shirts, how can polo shirts be stacked and not deformed? How can polo shirts not get deformed after washing?

how to wash polo shirts

How To Wash Polo Shirts Without Deformation?

  1. How to wash polo shirts? Colored cotton T-shirts will fade a little when washing, and should be separated from other clothes when washing. It is best to wash by hand in cold water during normal washing, soak for 5-6 minutes, and the time should not be too long.
  2. How to wash polo shirts? Please do not wash with a detergent containing bleaching agent, use ordinary washing powder, and please wash with cold water below 40℃. Avoid using a brush when washing the T-shirt, and don’t rub it too hard.

  1. How to wash polo shirts? The printed T-shirt pattern will have a bit of a hard feeling, and some of the printed and painted glitters will be a little sticky. Since most of the T-shirts have hot diamonds and glitter, it is recommended to wash them by hand. Try not to use a washing machine to avoid destroying the pattern.
  2. How to wash polo shirts? When washing, it is forbidden to tear the printed T-shirts and cotton POLO shirts vigorously. Do not scrub the surface of the pattern with your hands. Excessive scrubbing will affect the color of the pattern, and you should pay more attention to the part with hot diamonds and bright powder. When washing, do not scrub the neckline too hard to avoid deformation of the neckline.
  3. How to wash polo shirts? After washing, you don’t need to wring it out. You need to dry it naturally in a ventilated and cool place. Do not expose the printed T-shirt in the sun to avoid discoloration and fading. When drying, the hanger should be inserted from the loose hem of the clothes. Don’t force it indirectly from the neckline to prevent the neckline from losing its elasticity and slack. Organize the collar to avoid warping.
  4. How to wash polo shirts? After the clothes are dried, they need to be ironed. It is best to keep the iron away from the pattern part to avoid direct contact with the pattern. After ironing, do not stuff the clothes into a small space. You can hang or spread the clothes on a hanger to keep the flat appearance of the clothes.

How To Stack Polo Shirts Without Deformation?

How to Wash Polo Shirts and Stack(Method One):

1 For the hard collar type, stand the collar upright; for the soft type, place the collar flat without buttons.

2 Turn the back body up, smooth out the wrinkles, and fold the left side and the sleeve to the right in combination with the width of the place, and align the cuffs under the neckline.

3 The folding method on the right side is the same. Pay attention to make the width of the left and right folds equal, and fold the clothes in half starting from the bottom hem.

4 When the clothes are too long, fold the hem slightly and then fold it in half.

5 Turn over and place the front body upwards to arrange the shape. If placed on top of each other, the collar will also become neat.

6 When standing upright, fold the collar slightly to the outside and further fold it in half.

How to Wash Polo Shirts and Stack(Method Two):

  1. Fasten all the buttons on the front and reverse the back.
  2. Fold the sleeves in half.
  3. The same is true on the other side.
  4. After leveling the bottom of the hem, fold it up to the neckline.
  5. In this way, the POLO shirt can be folded flat, and at the same time, it can protect the neckline from stretching and deforming.

In order to prevent the polo shirt from deforming, it is not only about the stacking method after washing, but also about its hanging method. The hanging method can also prevent the POLO shirt from deforming.

Tips To Hang Polo Shirts?

Regarding the method of hanging clothes, it is usually worn through the neckline, but the high-frequency pulling action will deform the neckline of the clothes. Whether it is a POLO shirt or other clothes, it will soon become “lotus lace”. Sometimes, fiber deformation may even occur. Normally, if the condition is not serious, it will recover slightly after washing. After it’s dried, take a moment to fold it flat. The following describes how to hang a POLO shirt:

  1. The hanger should be inserted from the hem into the hanger as much as possible
  2. If the POLO shirt is hung for a long time, it is prone to fiber deformation.
  3. If the condition is not serious, it will usually recover after washing. But in order to avoid the aggravation of fiber deformation, it is recommended to take some time to fold the clothes for storage.


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