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6 Sportswear Marketing Techniques For Sportswear Stores


What are the sportswear marketing techniques? How does a clothing store do sales promotion? This is a big question. A good promotion will make the business profitable, but the consequence of failure can only be to lose even the capital and interest. Below, I will share the techniques for making sales promotions for sportswear stores.

Because the number of sports clothing stores in the market is relatively large, when store owners are running this project, as long as they do well in the promotion of this industry, then this project will have a good development business opportunity in the severe market, no matter it’s a wholesale black fitness clothing store, or a sports wear retail store.

Sportswear Marketing Technique 1

Pay attention to innovation in sportswear stores. The times are changing, but many stores’ promotions are “same and unchangeable.” In the face of the skyrocketing promotional advertisements, consumers are no longer interested in the “old faces”, and the traditional sales promotion methods have become “deaf ears”. So promotional methods must be won by faith. Only the new can be vigorous, and only the new can attract more consumers’ “eyeballs”.

Sportswear Marketing Technique 2

The charm of the bonus items in the sportswear store. Discounted promotional products should choose those products with high maturity, high consumption, high purchase frequency, strong seasonality, close to the shelf life, and weak technology and packaging.

Sportswear Marketing Technique 3

Concentrated consumption in sportswear stores. Now many shopping malls have introduced a membership system and issued discount cards. When customers reach a certain amount of shopping in the store, they can get a certain amount of rebate. The key to using point-of-sale promotion is to emphasize credibility, and the promised policy must be fulfilled so that consumers can get tangible benefits.

Sportswear Marketing Technique 4

The discount amount should account for more than 10%-20% of the selling price to be attractive. Choose the right time for the promotion, and the duration of the event should be 2-3 weeks. It is necessary to consider the normal purchase cycle of consumers. If the time is too long, the price may be difficult to return to the original position.

Sportswear Marketing Technique 5

Pay attention to details.

There are many books that introduce promotion techniques, and they basically talk about the proactive and enthusiasm of the promotion staff in hospitality. But in reality, many promoters can’t grasp the essence of it, thinking that enthusiasm is to smile and take the initiative.

In fact, this is also wrong. Everything must be done with a degree. Excessive enthusiasm can have a negative impact. Enthusiasm cannot be expressed simply through external facial expressions. The key is to do it with heart.sportswear marketing

The so-called sincerity, gold and stone are open! Dive into the night with the wind, moisten things silently, true sincerity is to think about what customers want, use the products of the company to meet their needs, and make them benefit.

Now that the competition is so fierce, it is obviously not enough to simply repeat the product selling points to customers. In the era of information explosion, how can customers remember you and remember your products? You must learn to imagine and let them feel the tangible benefits.

Sportswear Marketing Technique 6

Maintain customer relationships.

Many promoters breathed a sigh of relief immediately after reaching the sale, and some even left the customer to do their own work. In fact, this is also a serious mistake. Many people say that the most important resource for a person is not anything else, but contacts! This makes sense.

There is a saying in sales that the cost of developing a new customer is 27 times the cost of maintaining an old customer!

You know, old customers bring more business than you think. When I was a salesperson, I paid great attention to maintaining a good relationship with the customers who had already completed the deal, which also brought me great returns.

In fact, it is very simple to do. You can carefully pack the bag for him and then bring a sincere farewell. If you are not very busy, you can even send him to the elevator.

Sometimes, some trivial actions will make the customer extremely moved! Once, I forgot to give the customer a promotional gift, and when I found out that he had already left the mall, I immediately picked up the gift and chased after it. I was panting, and the customer was really moved by words that couldn’t be described.

The above is the promotional techniques shared by sports clothing stores. Good and mature experience is very helpful when you invest in sports clothing stores for the first time, and it is definitely conducive to the success of sports clothing stores!


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