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What Is Traceless Underwear? How Is It Different From Ordinary Underwear?


What Is Traceless Underwear?

Traceless underwear, also know as traceless underpants, is integrated underwear made by new special underpants equipment. The production process of traceless underpants comes from high-tech such as sportswear and high-tech sports training clothing. The waist, buttocks, trouser legs and other parts of the underpants adopt seamless fitting technology. The traceless underwear is comfortable and close to the body. It will not leave any trace when wearing the traceless underwear. It is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin.

You might heard “seamless underwear“, but it’s different from “traceless underwear”, “seamless” is just a production method, “traceless” is a function or feature for underpants.

traceless underwear
traceless underwear

Function of Traceless Underwear

Due to the new manufacturing process, traceless underpants have no sewing and seams, and are close to the body. It is the first choice for women who love beauty and fashion.

Features of Traceless Underwear

(1) It is as delicate and smooth as silk, exquisite and elegant;

(2) Excellent body effect, highlight the body curvy lines, full and sexy and implication;

(3) combed cotton general skin feeling, sweat absorption, easy to wash;

(4) Infinite elasticity, no trace;

(5) Good body shaping effect, can significantly change the body defects;

(6) Nourish the skin, add moisturizing materials to the lingerie, and protect the skin;

(7) Summer underwear is smooth and cool, and winter products keep warm and cool;

(8) High cost performance;

What’s The Difference Between Traceless Underwear And Ordinary Underwear?

There are two main differences between traceless underpants and ordinary underpants. Firstly, the technology is different. Traceless underpants are integrated, while ordinary underpants are spliced, so the former can’t see the routing, while the latter can; Secondly, the feeling of wearing is different. Traceless underpants is more comfortable to wear, and it will not have any trace marks. Ordinary underwear may have trace marks, sometimes it will be more embarrassing.

  1. The process is different: first of all, the manufacturing process of traceless underpants is different from that of ordinary underwear. Traceless underpants is one-piece molding, so there is no sewing in the middle. Its process is related to sportswear and high-tech is added. Ordinary underpants are stitched with multiple pieces of fabric, so there will be sewing.
  2. The effect is different: the biggest feature of traceless underpants is that the waist, trouser legs and other positions are seamless, so it will not have traces, and it will be very comfortable to wear. Ordinary underwear in the summer is easy to have trace marks, so sometimes it will be particularly embarrassing to wear it. Wearing ordinary underpants is not as comfortable as wearing traceless underpants.

Disadvantages of Traceless Underwear

Traceless underpants does not have too many disadvantages. One of its disadvantages is that it is more expensive than ordinary underwear. But compared with its advantages, the price is not a disadvantage. Traceless underpants will not cause hip and leg fat accumulation, and will not cause embarrassment or hip sagging.

Which Is Better? Traceless Underwear Or Pure Cotton Underwear?

First of all, underwear with no trace can also be made of pure cotton material. It is not comparable with pure cotton underwear. Pure cotton underwear is not a form of underwear, it is only made of pure cotton. Whether it is non mark or ordinary underwear, it can use pure cotton material, so both can be selected.

What To Do If Traceless Underwear Runs In The Middle?

This situation is usually caused by the inappropriate size of underwear. In order to solve this problem, It is recommended to choose a suitable size of traceless underpants. While in the selection of underwear, pay attention to waist and hip circumference, try not to choose too tight, otherwise it can run up or to the middle.

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